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12 Delicious Upper West Side Bakeries

Best bakeries Upper West Side

Article overview: A local shares the best bakeries on the Upper West Side.

If you’re anything like me, your insatiable sweet-tooth is always on the hunt for something sweet. I currently live in the neighborhood and find myself spoiled for choice, there’s so many great bakeries in the area! I thought it might be helpful to roundup the best bakeries on the Upper West Side based on firsthand experience. Let’s dive in!

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Best Upper West Side Bakeries

Best bakeries Upper West Side

Breads Bakery

Breads Bakery is not only one of the best bakeries in the Upper West Side, but in all of New York City. Currently boasting 6 locations, this bakery has grown like wildfire mostly thanks to their award-winning chocolate babka.

If you’re not familiar with babka (I wasn’t before moving to NYC) it’s a traditional Jewish bread/pastry made from yeast dough and topped with cinnamon or chocolate. The end result is an airy layered loaf chock-full of nutella or cinnamon.

The thing could launch a thousand ships, it’s beyond delicious. But the chocolate babka isn’t the only thing this UWS bakery has mastered, quite the contrary. Anything you order at Breads is bound to impress, especially the croissants and seasonal delights. Hard to go wrong with this beloved gem.

Address: 1890 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Best bakeries UWS
The tantalizing display of desserts at Délice Macarons | Best Bakeries Upper West Side

Délice Macarons

Délice Macarons is a newly-opened French bakery on the Upper West Side. Doesn’t stop the lines from forming, I’d gladly line up to get my grubby little hands on those fresh croissants!

Specializing in traditional French pastries like chocolate croissants and macaroons, this is easily one of the best bakeries in the UWS. The head baker, Pierre Chahine, has more than 20 years of experience training in Paris, ensuring that everything churning out of this bakery exceeds expectations.

Address: 321 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

Best bakeries UWS


You’ve probably heard about the most famous cookies in NYC, but did you know that Levain’s original location is on the Upper West Side? The gooey chocolate chip walnut cookies have amassed a cult-like following that only sounds surprising until you try them for yourself.

There’s two Levain bakeries on the Upper West Side. The original location on 74th Street and the larger store on Amsterdam between 76th and 77th streets. I love the original location the best and have been going there for years, but if the line is too long, just head to the newer location – -they serve the same stuff.

Locations: 351 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024 & 167 W 74th St, New York, NY 10023

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Best Bakeries Upper West Side


Originally opened in 1916 in the Upper East Side, Orwashers recently branched out with a second bakery in the Upper West Side. Serving New Yorkers for 105+ years, the bakery prides itself on using traditional baking methods that have been meticulously tested over decades.

I suggest showing up early for the best selection because the most popular items sell out quickly. The croissants are delicious and the black and white cookies are some of the best in New York City. Try to visit before noon for the freshest selection (just keeping it real, I’ve been burned a few times with stale pastries).

My favorite items on the menu at this Upper West Side bakery are: the sticky-bun babka, turnovers, jelly donuts and the black-and-white cookies.

Address: 440 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

best bakeries UWS

Daily Provisions

Daily Provisions was opened by Danny Meyer, the mastermind behind Shake Shack and Programmer Tavern. Most folks trek to this cute Upper West Side bakery for the crullers and find themselves returning for everything else on the menu.

Ordering the crullers is non-negotiable, no doubt, but the true star of the show is the great sandwich menu! Making some of the best breakfast sandwiches in the city, don’t sleep on the BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) and the smoked salmon everything croissant.

Address: 375 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

Epice UWS
Epice | Best Bakeries Upper West Side


Tiny but mighty is the name of the game for this delicious bakery in the Upper West Side. Epices opened in 2021, during the pandemic, but their baked goods have made them a mainstay in the neighborhood.

It’s clear that the pastry chef has mastered French baking techniques because the croissants are some of the best I’ve had to date. Buttery and flaky, with a satisfying exterior and soft center — sheer perfection. This is a local gem few tourists know about, making it a great quick stop (amazing how much time you save when you’re not waiting in line!).

Address: 104 W 70th St, New York, NY 10023

best bakeries New York City
Maman Bakery in the Upper West Side


Ask any New Yorker about their favorite bakeries in New York City and the honest ones will mention Maman. Offering a whimsical vibe, this is one of the best bakeries in the Upper West Side for good coffee and treats.

Originally started as a French cafe in SoHo, what put them on the map was Oprah listing their nutty chocolate chip cookie as one of her favorite things. I never miss an opportunity to order the quiche, chocolate croissant and their famous macadamia nut cookie. Plus, the coffee is always great (not to be underestimated at a bakery).

Address: 29 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

Silver Moon Bakery

Silver Moon Bakery is one of the most beloved bakeries in the Upper West Side. Locals flock to this place as soon as the door opens to get their hands on bread, croissants and some of the best cakes in the city. I especially enjoy their chocolate chip cookies, which feel like an underrated secret of sorts, highly recommend!

Address: 2740 Broadway, New York, NY 10025



A hundred years ago I took a French class and convinced myself I should have been born French. In my mind the French can do no wrong. Case in point: the country’s irresistible baked goods.

This bakery in the Upper West Side is perfectly charming and quaint. It’s not very large, but it has all the basics covered. They excel at macaroons and croissants, making them a natural stop for a mid-day pick-me-up while exploring the neighborhood.

Address: 2175 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Best bakeries Upper West Side

The Hungarian Pastry Shop

Arguably the most famous bakery in the UWS (Upper West Side), The Hungarian Pastry Shop is an institution, no two ways about it. Opened in 1961 by a married Hungarian couple, this bakery fills to the brim with locals.

It’s a very cozy place to read a book or people-watch while enjoying some of the best baked goods in the Upper West Side. I was eager to share this place with my Hungarian sister-in-law and she loved it as much as I did! She said everything tasted authentic and who am I to disagree?

Address: 1030 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in the Upper West Side

best bakeries Upper West Side

Modern Bread and Bagel

I stumbled upon Modern Bakery completely by accident, and what a happy thing that turned out to be. I can honestly tell you that I didn’t realize this was a gluten-free bakery in the Upper West Side until my second visit. During my first visit I ordered a bagel through the app because the wait to order was almost an hour long.

I enjoyed the bagel so much that I returned the following weekend for more. And it wasn’t until my second visit that realized all the gluten-free signs – did I accidentally eat a gluten-free bagel last weekend?

Turns out I did, and I loved it! Which is why I consider this one of the best gluten free bakeries in the Upper West Side. You’ll find everything from challah to bagels and muffins. Pick something up and head to the park for a proper picnic.

Address: 472 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

By The Way Bakery

By The Way Bakery is yet another great option for those in search of the best gluten free bakeries in the Upper West Side. The entire selection of toothsome baked goods is gluten-free, dairy free, certified kosher and so dang delicious.

Started by a lawyer-turned-baker, By The Way Bakery bills itself as an old-fashioned bakery where everything is homemade from scratch in small batches. The passion and effort shine through. My friend is gluten-free and I make it a point to pick up a treat from this beloved gluten-free UWS bakery whenever she’s in town.

Address: 2442 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

Best Bakeries UWS (Post Summary)

In summary, these are the best bakeries in the Upper West Side.

  • Breads Bakery
  • Levain
  • Orwashers
  • Délice Macarons
  • Daily Provisions
  • Epice
  • Maman
  • Bourke Street Bakery
  • Silver Moon Bakery
  • Mille-Feuille
  • Hungarian Pastry Shop
  • Modern Bakery
  • By The Way Bakery

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best bakeries in the Upper West Side. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you think I missed anything, I’ll (happily) check it out.



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Thanks Josh! Went in and fixed it.


Monday 11th of April 2022

I tried to be gluten-free for 10 years, but then I succumbed to the lure of wheat (and butter) again... sigh. But now I've hope again! (I didn't know there were gluten-free bakeries... in all the stores I've gone to in the past the gluten free offerings were the size of a deck of playing cards and almost as tasty). So these two I'll try... tell them: rolls and breads only; no playing cards!