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12 Gorgeous Greenwich Village Coffee Shops You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Rosecrans Best Cafes Greenwich Village

As New York City’s most charming neighborhood, the Greenwich Village is abounding with enticing cafes. From cute corner coffee shops to cafes you can sit down for a work day, the neighborhood has something for everyone. As someone who visits the neighborhood nearly every weekend, I’ve taken the time to jot down the best coffee shops in the West Village in this article. Let’s jump in!

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The Best Coffee in Greenwich Village

Table of Contents: Best Greenwich Village Coffee Shops

Amano Cafe, best coffee shops west village

#12. Amano Cafe

Website: Amano Cafe
172 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014

Amano Cafe is an airy, light filled coffee shop perfect for a bright day, and among the most popular Greenwich Village cafes. Amano handpicks the harvests they purchase before bringing them to New York to be roasted in house. In fact, that’s how they chose their name. In Spanish “a mano” means by hand, a nod to the simplest way to ensure quality. 

Partners Coffee Best Cafes Greenwich Village

#11. Partners Coffee

Website: Partners Coffee
44 Charles St, New York, NY 10014

Partners Coffee has locations all across the city, and locals love their West Village coffee shop. Roasting all their coffee out of their flagship Williamsburg location, New Yorkers are guaranteed a fresh cup of joe on every visit. The high-quality roasts have also made Partners one of the most popular cafes in the neighborhood to buy coffee beans to be brewed at home later. The small coffee shop has a few tables inside, and when the weather is nice sets up a few tables outside as well.

Fellini West Village, Best coffee shops Greenwich Village

#10. Fellini Coffee

Website: Fellini Coffee
174 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014

The smallest coffee shop in the West Village, Fellini Coffee is literally a neighborhood corner joint. The cafe sits in the small corner of a building and doesn’t offer any interior seating, just a few tables outside and a window to walk up and order coffee. The cutesy, Instagram-friendly cafe in the West Village also shocks guests with one of the most unique drinks – a protein-ccino, which is a cappuccino with 12 ounces of protein powder.

Best Desserts New York City, best cafes Greenwich Village

#9. Mah-Ze-Dahr

Website: Mah-Ze-Dahr
28 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011

Mah-Ze-Dahr was opened in 2014 by Umber Ahmad, a banker-turned-baker who left the lofty confines of the financial world to purse her dream of opening one of the best bakeries in NYC. In 2019 Ahmad was a semi-finalist for Outstanding Baker in the James Beard Awards, and through her pastries has helped Mah-Ze-Dahr become one of the most popular cafes in the West Village.

The brioche donut is a fan-favorite and goes well with any coffee off the menu. There’s little in the way of seating, only two tables in the front and three on the inside. There’s also a counter-height bar with outlets, where you’ll often find a handful of locals clicking away on laptops.

#8. Do Not Feed the Alligators

Website: Do Not Feed the Alligators
Address: 337 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

Do Not Feed the Alligators (DNFA) sources beans from small roasters to make expertly brewed pour-overs and espresso-forward drinks. The warm, mismatched furniture invites conversations, while the curated bookstore adds a touch of intrigue to the popular NYC coffee shop.

Come evening, the lights dim, the wine flows, and the café transforms into a bustling bar, showcasing DNFA’s chameleon-like charm. Laptops aren’t allowed, which makes it a great NYC cafe to meet someone new or bring a friend.

Best Cafe Greenwich Village Cafe Kitsune

#7. Café Kitsuné

Website: Café Kitsuné
550 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014

Kitsune was founded in 2012 as a clothing brand and music label, and in 2019 opened their first cafe in Paris. The Japanese/French company has gone on to expand all around the globe, including opening one of the best cafes in Greenwich Village.

There’s plenty of seating at the cafe, with both tables and booths available. Laptops are not allowed inside the cafe, but are permitted at the tables outside. There’s more than enough space for friends to meet up for pastries and delicious coffee. They even have a small boutique attached to the store!

Cafe Kitsune has a New York Signature Latte which is inspired by black and white cookies, and one of the most iconic pastries, a sugar fox cookie. It’s a nod to their namesake, since in Japan a “kitsune” is a mythical fox known for its wisdom and supernatural abilities.

Rosecrans Best Cafes Greenwich Village

#6. Rosecrans

Website: Rosecrans
7 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014

Rosecrans combines two worlds, plants and coffee, and the greenery helps make it one of the most beautiful cafes in Greenwich Village. Most of the tables are taken during the morning hours, but that’s okay since you can drink your coffee while perusing their collection of plants and flowers available for purchase. Fair warning though, the plant prices are a bit higher than most plant stores in NYC.

Porto Rico Importing Company, best cafes Greenwich Village

#5. Porto Rico Importing Company

Website: Porto Rico Importing Co.
Address: 201 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Serving New Yorkers since 1907, Porto Rico Importing Company is one of New York City’s oldest coffee shops. Run by the third generation of the Longo family, the popular West Village coffee shop is known for offering 130 varieties of coffee from around the world.

Open sacks of coffee beans are stored under vintage signs, oozing an old-world charm few can resist. From Indonesia to Brazil, expect to find top-notch coffee sold in bulk. Don’t need 5 pounds? That’s fine too, you can order coffee by the cup at checkout.

Best Cafes Greenwich Village The Elk

#4. The Elk

Website: The Elk
128 Charles St, New York, NY 10014

Inspired by founder Claire Chen’s roots in the Pacific Northwest, The Elk resonates with rustic & woodsy charm. It serves as both a general store and one of the best cafes in Greenwich Village! There are beauty and wellness goods as well as household items available that might save you a trip elsewhere. There isn’t a ton of indoor seating so don’t expect a giant cafe. However The Elk does have a decent outdoor area that’s covered and provides shelter from the elements.

#3. Qahwah House

Website: Qahwah House
Address: 13 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014

Qahwah is the Arabic word for coffee, and Qahwah House is a Yemeni shop in the Greenwich Village (with a flagship in Williamsburg). They serve organic Yemini coffee, including a Yemini latte that’ll satiate even the most unrelenting sweet tooth (it’s topped with honey and whipped cream). Pair it with the khaliat alnahl, (a cheese filled buttery roll with honey) for the full experience.

best bakeries New York City, best coffee Greenwich Village

#2. Maman

Website: Maman
Three coffee shops in the West Village

Originally started as a French bakery and cafe in SoHo, Maman quickly became renowned for perfectly executed baked goods. But what really put them on the map was Oprah listing their nutty chocolate chip cookie as one of her favorite things. I never miss an opportunity to order the quiche, chocolate croissant or their famous macadamia nut cookie. Plus, they serve some of the best coffee in the Greenwich Village (not to be underestimated at a bakery).

Cafe Reggio Best Cafes Greenwich Village

#1. Caffe Reggio

Website: Caffe Reggio
119 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

The best cafe in Greenwich Village also happens to be the first one to introduce cappuccinos to America. Cafe Reggio opened in 1927 and has been a Greenwich Village favorite for a long time. There are paintings dating back to the Italian renaissance as well as a bench that belonged to the Medici family (a prominent Italian political family that also produced four Popes).

Cafe Reggio also serves full meals. Whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner those that are hungry can find something to eat at one of the best cafes in Greenwich Village. But at it’s core its famous for one thing: coffee. Whether you’re after a shot of espresso, an original cappuccino, or just drip coffee it won’t take long to see why this is the best cafe in Greenwich Village.

Best Cafes in the Greenwich Village (Post Summary)

  1. Caffe Reggio
  2. Maman
  3. Qahwah House
  4. The Elk
  5. Porto Rico Importing Company
  6. Rosecrans
  7. Café Kitsuné
  8. Do Not Feed the Alligators
  9. Mah-Ze-Dahr
  10. Fellini Coffee
  11. Partners Coffee
  12. Amano Cafe

Best Coffee Shops Greenwich Village (Map)

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And there it is my friends! Our list of the best cafe’s in Greenwich Village. Hope you enjoyed!



Monday 5th of February 2024

Greenwich Village has some hidden gems when it comes to coffee shops. Your list is a fantastic guide, and I couldn't agree more with your selections. The cozy atmospheres and rich brews make each spot a true delight. Can't wait to explore the rest on your list!