10 memoriable 


The most iconic coffee cup in New York

Not all mugs are created equal, far from it in fact. You can't go wrong getting the iconic “we are happy to serve you” mug that is unique to New York City. You’ve probably noticed it in most movies and shows filmed in NYC.


Statue of Liberty or Taxi

If you work in an office or anywhere with a desk, one of the best souvenirs in NYC would have to be a little Statue of Liberty figurine or an iconic yellow taxi toy car. It’s an easy souvenir to keep on a desk and it doesn’t take up much space, it’s an easy win-win!


Best NYC souvenir for kids: LEGOS

How many cities have an entire toy store dedicated to LEGOs? If you’re visiting New York City with a young one in tow, swinging by the LEGO Flagship store is non-negotiable.


NYC-themed tote

It's one of those things where you don't need it, until you need it. A tote is a practical gift that you know will get used. It has multiple uses from carrying your everyday products to doubling as a grocery bag while you're in a pinch!


Homesick NYC candle

Not every visitor leaves NYC missing the smells, but those that call the city home find it nostalgic.New York City candle: The distinctive scents of spring days in Central Park, fine department stores, and concrete capture the energy of the greatest city on earth


MetroCard luggage tag

This is one of those practical souvenirs from New York City that I keep reaching for without realizing. NYC’s MetroCard is one of most recognizable items from the Big Apple and every time I catch a glimpse of this sturdy luggage tag, I’m always reminded of home.


New York City Poster

If you have someone that’s hard to shop for but loves New York, I suggest picking up a cool NYC poster. Put it in a nice frame and you have yourself a thoughtful souvenir from New York that is sure to impress.


Best edible souvenir from New York City

My go to edible souvenirs from NYC are either cookies from Levain Bakery (considered the best cookies in the world) or the unbelievable chocolate babka from Breads Bakery. These souvenirs are well received and often have people asking for more!


Katz Delicatessen Package

There are few souvenirs from New York City better than a bite of Katz Deli's pastrami and we’re in luck because they offer care packages.Whether you're from NYC and away for the moment or find yourself at home months after a visit, Katz Deli has you covered.


New York City Tattoo

Why not make your New York City souvenir somewhat more, permanent? This souvenir is more for the die-hard fans of NYC.It's easy to feel like this city is a part of you after a visit, so why not get a souvenir you’ll take with you everywhere you go!

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