10 Iconic


Times Square

Hear us out- yes Times Square is a tourist trap, however; that doesn't stop it from being iconic. Time Square is often people's first introduction to NYC just from the sheer amount of buzz this place gets. Our biggest tip: Visit Times Square at night and get the full experience!


The Highline

The elevated tracks this NYC park was built on were originally used by freight trains delivering cargo to the city. A practice that became moot with the rise in trucking. In the summer time, vendors come to the Highline and you can enjoy a cup of coffee or delicious ice cream while strolling the park.


Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Welcoming more than 5 million visitors per year, this iconic NYC cathedral took 21 years to build because construction halted during the Civil War.This is easily one of the best attractions to see on your trip!



At Smorgasburg you’ll be able to indulge in one of the finest open air dining extravaganzas in the Big Apple. This year there will be more than 20 vendors offering cuisines from all around the world. You can’t afford to miss it if you’re visiting New York City in summer.


Summer on the Hudson

Summer on the Hudson is an annual festival put on by NYC Parks in collaboration with the Riverside Park Conservancy. There are endless activities all summer long to partake in for both kids and adults alike.


Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Once inside, visitors slowly make their way up a spiral ramp to observe world-famous modern art. The entire length of the ramp is equivalent to 1/4 mile walk and naturally passes through the exhibits on each floor.


The New York Public Library

When it opened to the public in 1911, the New York Public Library was officially the largest marble building ever built in the country.No small task, considering it took 16 years to construct this monolithic structure!


Central Park

Central Park is massive. Spanning 843 acres, you could easily spend an entire day exploring. I suggest focusing on the top spots in the park so that you’re not rushing around aimlessly. Read about the best spots in the park below.


Caffe Dante

Dante Caffee dates back to 1915. It served as a staple for the community before slowly fading into oblivion before two Australians decided to breathe new life into the historic institution in 2015. Stop by for happy hour!


The Empire State Building

the construction of this iconic NYC building took only 20 months from start to finish. More than 3,400 men worked on the building daily and were able to build the skeleton of the building at a pace of 4.5 stories per week.

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