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The Brooklyn Bridge was a bridge of many firsts

  The Brooklyn Bridge was deemed the longest suspension bridge in the world when it opened. Spanning an impressive 1,595 feet it dwarfed every bridge that came before. When construction was completed on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883, it was officially deemed the firststeel-wire suspension bridge in the world


It wasn’t called the Brooklyn Bridge (at first)

The name we use for the bridge today didn’t become official until 1915 (32 years after it opened!). During construction the bridge was known as the Great East River Bridge or Great East River Suspension Bridge, and on dedication day it earned the moniker New York and Brooklyn Bridge.


At least 25 people died building the bridge

The first death on the job occurred before construction of the Brooklyn Bridge even began. To make matters worse, the first death was arguably the most catastrophic because it took the life of the most important person on the job, the head engineer John Roebling


The family responsible for the bridge was ill-fated

As I mentioned earlier, John Roebling died before construction began and his son, Washington, took over as chief engineer. But here’s where things get tricky. Shortly after taking over Washington sustained a debilitating illness that removed him from the project


Then, a woman saved the day

When Washington Roebling found himself bedridden he turned to his wife Emily, who stepped in as de facto chief engineer. Emily was not an engineer by trade but she was intelligent and understood the plans well enough to oversee the design and day-to-day construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.


Before the Brooklyn Bridge opened to the public, a rooster was involved

Emily’s significant contribution to the building of the Brooklyn Bridge allowed her the honor of being the first person to cross the bridge after completion.Emily chose to cross the bridge on a horse-drawn carriage while carrying a rooster for good luck.


Opening Day was cause for (massive) celebration

The long-awaited opening of the Brooklyn Bridge drew crowds from all corners of the state. The President of America, Chester Arthur, attended the ceremony alongside New York Governor (and further president) Grover Cleveland. A military band played joyous tunes while troops and politicians crossed the bridge


And then cause for (massive) panic

A week after the bridge opened to the eager public something terrible happened. The cause of the instance is unclear, but a mad panic broke out on the bridge and caused a stampede.This resulted in a stampede that caused 12 deaths as people were crushed truing to escape.


There used to be a toll for crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

If you were crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot you were expected to fork over a penny, if your horse came with then you needed to add 5 cents to the charge. Wagon? That’ll be 10 cents,  good sir.Thankfully the toll system didn’t last long and was repealed in 1891.


The bridge is home to the fastest animal in the world

Peregrine falcons are some of the coolest animals in the world, largely thanks to their mind-boggling speed. These birds can reach speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour. A glaring fact about the Brooklyn Bridge is its towering size, even falcons can’t deny it. 

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