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Clinton St. Baking Co.

Clinton St. Baking Company was born in 2001 to prodigy chef Neil Kleinberg. A native New Yorker, Kleinberg honed his skills in the kitchen from a young age and opened his first restaurant at a mere 22 years old.

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Bubby’s has been cooking up the best pancakes in New York City for more than 30 years. Owner Ron Silver describes dining here like the “day after Christmas”. The pancakes are made from simple, real ingredients which make for a nostalgic homestyle breakfast.

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Chez Ma Tante

When it opened in 2018, Chez Ma Tante was named one of the best new restaurants in the country by GQ. In fact the press on the Greenpoint restaurant has been consistent. The pancakes coming out of their kitchen are fried in a skillet and offer a crisp outer crust unlike any other pancake on this list

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Sunday in Brooklyn

The restaurant feels open and bright, similar to a living room that you could lounge in for hours. During the summer months they open up their rooftop garden to guests. In the winter every dining area has a wood burning oven to add to the homelike feeling.

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Rule of Thirds

Styled after the famous Izakaya restaurants in Japan, which resemble a pub, Rule of Thirds provide a spot to settle in with friends for great food and conversation. In fact, Izakaya translates to stay-drink-place and that’s exactly what I do here thanks to the best pancakes in New York City.

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Carnegie Diner

Carnegie Diner is an old school American eatery where anybody is welcome to get their food fix. Here you’ll find all the customary diner dishes, however they’ve been taken up a notch. These are among the best pancakes in New York City not only for their flavor but thanks to the sheer quantity of options

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Beauty & Essex

The unprepared folk might stumble into Beauty & Essex and think they’re in the wrong spot, turn around, and leave. That’s because when you first walk in – it’s a pawn shop. Antique and high dollar items decorate the walls and it’s only until you walk past it that you’ll find a winding staircase that leads to their four dining rooms.

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Breakfast by Salt’s Cure

The edges on these NYC pancakes are crispy, and the center gooey. Not to mention, all the pancakes are gluten-free and made from freshly sourced ingredients.  They’re so good New Yorkers practically inhale them.

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Good Enough to Eat

Founded in 1981, Good Enough to Eat has become a staple of the Upper West Side. Back then, Chef Carrie Levin set out to create good, old fashioned American style cooking. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients and homestyle cooking has never wavered and each flavor-filled bite of the best pancakes in New York City is a testament to that.

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Cafe LuLuc

It’s a friendly French neighborhood cafe that serves incredible eats and drinks. Where Cafe LuLuc truly shines however is in serving some of the best brunch in New York City. Offering traditional brunch fare you’ll always be able to find something appetizing.

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