Ways to aVOID LOOKING like A tourist




Don’t get excited about Times Square

Let’s address the elephant in the room — you should absolutely visit Times Square because it’s iconic and feels like the closest things NYC has to a living room. However, you should know that Times Square is not all its cracked up to be!


Don’t ask for directions timidly

Don't hesitate to approach locals and ask for advice or directions if you’re lost. Find someone that looks approachable (isn’t glued to their phone, isn’t walking at blazing speeds) and approach them. The key is to get right to the point, rather than trying to exchange pleasantries 


Don’t wait for the walk sign

One thing you’ll learn quickly when visiting New York is that locals are all about streamlining and efficiency. Time is precious and we don’t have much of it to waste, so we take shortcuts whenever possible and not waiting on walk signs is what we call an easy win.


Don’t hog the sidewalk

Nothing bothers a New Yorker more than a group of tourists walking hand-in-hand with their posse in tow. It’s inconsiderate and you’re guaranteed to earn some eye rolls. There’s two ways you could inadvertently hog the sidewalk: walking side-by-side in a large group, and abruptly stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, effectively preventing access.


Don’t randomly stop in the middle of the sidewalk

Here’s the thing: New York City is full of excitement and we absolutely want you to enjoy the sights, but if you abruptly stop in the middle of the street then you prevent access for the sea of people behind you.


Avoiding visiting museums

Almost no other city in the country has as many museums as NYC. Home to 83 museums, New York City is often considered the cultural capital of America. We encourage you to visit a museum even if you don’t consider yourself a museums person because New York City has some of the best museums in the world.


Don’t gawk at celebrities

Here’s the thing: a lot of celebrities live in New York City and you might just see one during your visit. Locals have learned to accept and appreciate this as one of the perks of living in NYC, but there’s nothing more uncomfortable than seeing celebrities get approached on the street by tourists.


Don’t take up two seats on the subway

There’s nothing as inconsiderate as folks that take up two seats on the subway, as if though their backpack takes priority over a person. If the subway is 50% empty and you set your way next to you that’s fine, no party foul. But if the subway is starting to fill up, your items belong in your lap.


Use your indoor voice on the subway

If you’re talking on the phone (or with a friend) using an obnoxiously loud voice then you are inconveniencing all the folks around you.You might get a side eye (or not), but the fact remains — if you’re loud, you’re heard.


Wearing the American Flag (and it’s not even July) 

Why it makes sense: New York City feels like the epicenter of America and Americans take great pride in that. It’s not uncommon for first time visitors to show their pride! So wear your American garb if you’re feeling like it! But if you’re trying to blend in and look like a local New Yorker, wear black.

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