Greenwich Village

10 tasty cafes


Amano Cafe

Amano handpicks the harvests they purchase before bringing them to New York to be roasted in house. In fact, that’s how they chose their name. In Spanish “a mano” means by hand, a nod to the simplest way to ensure quality.

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Partner’s Coffee

Roasting all their coffee out of their flagship Williamsburg location, New Yorkers are guaranteed a fresh cup of joe. Regardless if its home brew coffee beans or a prepared drink, quality is sure to follow.

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The owner, Umber Ahmad is a James Beard Award semi-finalist (a huge deal in the culinary world) who left the lofty confines of the financial world to purse her dream of baking. She’s lovingly called a banker-turned-baker, and we’re all better for it, she’s incredibly talented.

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Café Kitsuné

Kitsune was founded in 2012 as a clothing brand + music label, and in 2019 opened their first cafe in Paris. The Japanese/French company has gone on to expand all around the globe, including opening one of the best cafes in Greenwich Village.

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Rosecrans combines two of the greatest things to exist- plants and coffee. The greenery provides a reprieve from the often gray city and sets itself apart making it one of the best cafes in Greenwich Village.

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El Condor

When two successful businessmen decide to get into the coffee business you get El Condor, one of the best cafes in Greenwich Village. In a neighborhood filled with coffee shops, El Condor distinguishes themselves by aiming to be less bitter than traditional American coffee.

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The Elk

Inspired by founder Claire Chen’s roots in the Pacific Northwest, The Elk resonates with rustic & woodsy charm. Even the name evokes the spirit of the outdoors. But the true magic behind the Elk is found within its walls. It’s both a general store and one of the best cafes in Greenwich Village!

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Stepping into Buvette feels like stepping foot into an authentic Parisian cafe. Which is precisely why this is one of the best cafes in Greenwich Village for Francophiles. The interior of the restaurant is as cozy as can be and the food is equally delicious. The escargot is worth a shout-out and seasonal menu items are guaranteed to delight.

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Originally started as a French bakery and cafe in SoHo, Maman quickly became renowned for perfectly executed baked goods. But what really put them on the map was Oprah listing their nutty chocolate chip cookie as one of her favorite things.

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Cafe Reggio

The best cafe in Greenwich Village also happens to be the first one to introduce cappuccinos to America. Cafe Reggio opened in 1927 and has been a Greenwich Village favorite for a long time. The coffee shop oozes old world history.

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