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Mr. Taka Ramen

Mr. Taka Ramen opened in New York City in 2015, but the restaurant has  roots in Japan. The chef, Takatoshi Nagara, earned a Michelin Star at  his Tokyo restaurant, Bigiya Ramen, before going international.

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Ichiran's seating is made up of single-person booths that encircle the kitchen, designed so customers can focus on the flavor, without the stimulation of a  restaurant. Once your ramen is done they serve it to you within 15 seconds, ensuring you enjoy your meal at the right texture.

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The mushroom ramen is a clear standout at Momofuku Noodle Bar, it might be the best vegetarian  ramen in NYC.

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Ivan Ramen

Ivan Ramen is unique in that it was founded by an American restaurateur. The owner of Ivan Ramen, Ivan Orkin, moved to Japan in the 1980’s where he fell in love with the cuisine.

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Totto Ramen

While most other New York City ramen joints focus on pork-based broth, Totto Ramen spotlights chicken-based ramen and has grown a loyal following because of it.

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