American Museum of Natural history

5 epic things to see


The African Elephants

In the middle of the Akeley Hall of African Mammals visitors get to take in the colossal size of a family of eight elephants.

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In the Hall of Advanced Mammals guests get to take in the grandeur of a  full skeleton found in Indiana. It’s one of the best things to see at  the American Museum of Natural History!

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Moai Head

The head at the museum is made from a cast taken of the authentic monoliths on Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

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Hayden Planetarium

Meant to be an immersive experience that not only educates but inspires,  the top half of the planetarium is a domed theater that plays a 25  minute film all about our earth and our cosmic neighbors.

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The Blue Whale

Measuring an impressive length of roughly 100 feet, it’s equivalent to  three school buses or a Boeing 737-500. The visual impact is remarkable  to say the least.

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