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5 fun things to do

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McSorely’s Old Ale House

Opened sometime between 1854 and 1862 (the exact year is debated), McSorley’s Old Ale House is one of the most historic bars in New York City.

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Strand Bookstore

Founded in 1927, the Strand is the only remaining bookstore from “Book Row.” Which was a coalition of 48 bookstores that lined 4th Avenue.

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Pierogis at Veselka

This Ukranian Diner has been a staple of the East Village since 1954. Veselka is a popular restaurant and has served as a reminder of the abundance of Ukrainian families that call this area home to this day.

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Ray’s Candy Store

Open 24 hours a day, Ray’s has been serving the community with late-night treats since 1974. The shop is tiny and sells a little bit of everything but Ray’s claim to fame comes from the delicious homemade egg cream

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Union Square Park

The pedestrian plaza and park serves as a safe haven for street artists, professionals on lunch breaks, busy students and eager tourist.

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