in central park

5 great photo spots

new york city 


Bow Bridge

Central Park is home to more than 40 bridges, but the most photographed by far is the romantic Bow Bridge. Built in 1862, the bridge spans 60 feet over the Lake, connecting Cherry Hill and the Ramble.

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Umpire Rock

Positioned near the park’s southwestern corner, this 55-foot landmark is a photographer’s paradise.

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Bethesda Terrace & Fountain

Bethesda Terrace is remarkable. It’s the park’s only formal architectural setting and it was executed perfectly.

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The Mall

The Mall is an iconic American elm-lined promenade that leads directly to Bethesda Fountain. This is the largest plantations of American Elm trees in the world!

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Belvedere Castle

Completed in 1872, Belvedere Castle sits high atop a hill on a large rock outcropping known as Vista Rock. It happens to be the second-highest point in the park.

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