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The Big Apple

The moniker first use can be traced to a column in the New York Morning Telegraph. A sports journalist was reporting on the abundance of horse races in New York and referenced the biggest price as “the big apple.”


The City That Never Sleeps

This nickname first appeared in 1912 in a Fort Wayne News article but didn’t rise to fame until the famous song “Theme from New York, New York” came out in 1977.


The Empire State

This notable New York City nickname is hotly debated by puzzled historians to this day. Some attribute NYC’s nickname as the Empire State to none other than George Washington.


Gotham City

The first mention of NYC being tied to Gotham is documented in 1807 by Washington Irving. Irving was a famous author and ringleader of a group of literary minds that organized a periodical called the Salmagundi.



Coined by early Dutch settlers who came to the New World (specifically New York City) and wore a style of pant that rolled up just below the knee. These pants were called “knickerbockers” or “knickers” for short.


The Melting Pot

It’s attributed to the abundance of cultural and ethnic diversity within the city.On any given day you’re likely to hear a language you’ve never heard before simply walking the streets because there are more than 200 languages spoken in NYC.


New Amsterdam

The island of Manhattan (as we know it today) was settled by the Dutch and became an extension of the Dutch Republic.However, the English took the island in 1664 and renamed it after the Duke of York. T


America’s City

Home to more than 8.5 million residents, 1 in every 38 people living in America live in New York City. To put it another way, New York City has a greater population than 40 states.

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