things to know before Moving to 




The neighborhood matters more than you think

Your budget will afford you drastically different living arrangements based on the neighborhood you choose. It can be really eye-opening. For example, $3,000 will get you a decent one-bedroom in the Upper West Side and questionable living quarters (at best) in SoHo.


Searching for an apartment in New York City is a bear

Finding an apartment in any city feels like a daunting task, but NYC takes the cake. Competition is steep and prices are sky high. The process can take weeks, sometimes even months. It's extremely important to be on top of the process and if you like an apartment submit your application ASAP- don't take time to "think about it"


You must (must, must) tour the apartment in person

Brokers sometimes use stock photos when posting rental apartment. Moral of the story — NEVER sign a lease sight unseen unless you like surprises…especially bad ones.


New York City is so damn expensive it will make you cry

Everything is going to cost so much more when living in New York City. From groceries to entertainment and rent. Heck, sometimes it feels like just waking up in NYC will run you $400!


Have a job lined up before you move here

Job competition is steep and people are going to burn through their savings faster than you can imagine. Living in New York City is the experience of a lifetime precisely because you have access to the best of everything. But you simply can’t enjoy everything if you don’t have a job and are constantly broke


Not all grocery stores are created equal

Here’s a tip on moving to New York City that some people don’t mention — not all grocery stores are created equal. Do your research! If you are on a budget, try shopping at Trader Joe's. Their prices are the same country wide, so it's less of a shock and you know what to expect.


You won’t need a car when moving to NYC

The subway system is very efficient (even though everyone loves to hate on public transportation). The subway will get you where you need to go 24/7 and for the small cost of $2.75 per ride ($33 for a 7 day pass, $127 for monthly pass) the price can’t be beat. Plus, some employers provide monthly subway passes.


You can find incredible food 24/7

New York City is a melting pot of different cultures which makes you privy to the best-of-the-best regarding all types of cuisine. The best part? It's not hard to find delicious food late into the evening. 


It’s normal to get depressed after moving to NYC

This might seem counterintuitive since a lot of folks that move to NYC do so to pursue a dream, but it’s true (and it makes sense when you think about it). Moving to NYC is a huge life change. There’s no other city in the world quite like it, and there’s a lot of anxiety that comes with the territory. 


If you hate living in NYC, don’t feel pressured to stay

You are not a tree. You don’t have roots, you can move around. If you find that living to New York City doesn’t jive with your vibe as expected, give yourself some grace. The city is not for everyone and some folks discover that only after moving to NYC.

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