Helpful tips for visiting




Consider a taxi from the airport (if flying into JFK)

Taxis from JFK offer a flat rate to Manhattan, which is often cheaper than Uber’s fares.The rate is $52 (+$4.50 rush-hour surcharge weekdays between 4pm – 8pm), plus 15-20% tip.


Hailing a taxi

Look at the light on top of the cab, if the middle light is on then the cab is free to hail. If the end lights are on then the cab is carrying a passenger. To hail, stand on the corner and raise your hand, make eye contact with the driver.


The subway is the best way to get around

A helpful tip for visiting NYC is sometimes the subway is the fastest way to get around thanks to the Big Apple’s notorious traffic.


The NYC Ferry is a GREAT way to take a break

Riding the ferry is a great way to rest your legs while soaking up incredible views of NYC. Just keep in mind that this is an official mode of transportation and not a tourist attraction


Download an offline Google map before you get here

This tip was a huge help when visiting NYC! There's seldom service in the subway and having your map handy while you’re en route proves invaluable.


Ask for directions if you’re lost (yes, really)

The key is to get right to the point, rather than trying to exchange pleasantries -sounds strange, but trust me on this one. New Yorkers are busy but helpful!


Comfortable walking shoes are non-negotiable

Expect to walk A LOT while exploring New York City. The subway is efficient but sometimes it’s better to walk between places to absorb more of the city. Comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must during your visit.


Treat the sidewalk like a highway

Nothing bothers a New Yorker more than a person that stops smack-dab in the middle of the sidewalk. My Tip while visiting NYC, make sure you step to the side of the sidewalk if you need to stop.


Eat at the local joints

One of the best things about living in the Big Apple is having access to the epic food scene. NYC is a foodie’s paradise so one of my biggest NYC tips for first time visitors is to avoid chain restaurants altogether.


New York City is expensive

Expect everything to cost more here, from your daily coffee to a meal at a restaurant. The highest sticker shock tends to occur with cocktails, it’s not uncommon for one drink to clock in around $18-22 before tip.


Try to find a hotel outside of Times Square

the problem with Times Square is that it’s a tourist trap to the nth degree. In my opinion, it takes away from the overall experience because it’s always so noisy and loud.


Escalator etiquette is a (real) thing

In NYC there’s an efficient way to use the escalator — stand on the right, pass on the left.Those that block passing access are in breach of escalator etiquette and are bound to hear loud sigh directed at them.


You should make time to visit a museum

NYC is home to world class museums and you should make an effort to see at least one during your visit. Yes, even if you’re not into museums. Here are some museums you should check out and what to see at each!


Restrooms are not easy to come by

If any tip stays with you, let it be this one! Plan ahead and use the restroom at restaurants you’re patronizing. If all else fails, your next best bet is to run into a big store or mall.


The New York CityPASS might be worthwhile

There are two New York City Passes to choose from: the standard CityPASS ($129) gives you access to six attractions over the span of 9 days and the C3 Pass ($87), which gives you access to three attractions.

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