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12 Charming Restaurants in Greenwich Village Worth the Wait

Best Restaurants Greenwich Village, Rosemary's

Make no mistake, there’s no shortage of great restaurants in the Greenwich Village. In fact, this neighborhood’s back must hurt, because it carries Manhattan’s culinary scene. So allow me to keep your hunger at bay by sharing my personal list of the best restaurants in Greenwich Village!

These are all suggestions I feel confident will live up to the treasured neighborhood’s reputation. If you feel like I missed a spot feel free to drop your recommendation in the comments. Enjoy!

Best Restaurants in Greenwich Village

Table of Contents: Greenwich Village Restaurant Guide

Minetta Tavern

Website: Minetta Tavern
113 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012
Traditional American

Established in 1937, Minetta Tavern boasts a rich history, hosting the likes of Ernest Hemingway and E.E. Cummings. The Greenwich Village restaurant was acquired in 2009 by Keith McNally, the visionary behind Balthazar. His team elevated the classic American fare to new heights with items like the Minetta burger, often hailed as one of NYC’s best burgers.

The ambiance exudes old-school charm perfect for a West Village restaurant, featuring leather booths, warm wood panels, and attentive staff in waistcoats. Reservations are essential since there’s limited walk-ins, but the meal is worth the effort.

Best Restaurants Greenwich Village, Buvette


Website: Buvette
42 Grove St, New York, NY 10014

Stepping into Buvette feels like stepping foot into an authentic Parisian cafe, which is why it’s one of the best restaurants in Greenwich Village for Francophiles. The cozy restaurant is a fitting setting to enjoy a coffee or glass of wine (and there’s plenty of wine!).

The escargot is worth a shout-out and seasonal menu items are guaranteed to delight. Swing by for a quick bite or if you need to rest your legs while enjoying the fun things to do in the West Village. If the weather is nice you should consider snagging a table outside, Grove Street is great for people watching.

best restaurants west village
Tartine NYC


Website: Tartine
253 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

My introduction to Tartine in Greenwich Village was serendipitous – drawn by the allure of its striped awning and vibrant atmosphere. I was initially deterred by a lengthy wait, but my commitment drew me back the next day, strategically arriving before opening. Seated in a sun-soaked corner, I discovered Tartine’s “bring your own bottle” policy, prompting a quick wine run while my wife ordered our meal.

Opting for the escargot, mussels, burger, and steak, we treated ourselves to a feast. The unexpected flavor journey surpassed all expectations, revealing why this corner bistro is among the best restaurants in Greenwich Village. It has now become our cherished Friday tradition, a hidden gem worth savoring.

Best Restaurant Greenwich Village
Little Owl

Little Owl

Website: Little Owl
90 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014

Little Owl has been a cornerstone of Greenwich Village for over 15 years, offering a warm and inviting dining experience locals can’t seen to get enough og. Perfect for celebrations, this establishment effortlessly combines sophistication with a welcoming atmosphere.

Chef Joey Campanaro’s culinary prowess, influenced by his grandmother’s homestyle cooking, shines through in every dish. The lamb shank, a standout on the menu, is lauded as one of the city’s best. And here’s a little fun fact: Little Owl goes beyond the ordinary, occasionally featuring fish from the chef’s personal fishing trips.

One of NYC’s biggest locations from film, the building’s exterior was used as the apartment on the TV show Friends. It’s no Central Perk, but Little Owl is one of the best restaurants in the Greenwich Village.

Best Restaurants Greenwich Village
Petite Boucherie

Petite Boucherie

Website: Petite Boucherie
14 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014

Petite Boucherie is yet another French restaurant in Greenwich Village that warrants a shout-out. Tucked away on the cutest corner of Gay and Christopher Streets, this cozy Greenwich Village restaurant is my go-to spot when I’m trying to impress out-of-town guests.

The food is top notch and the romantic ambiance is worth getting dressed up for. You’ll feel like you were teleported to Paris! So whenever you’re feeling a hankering for a touch of France, make reservations for Petite Boucherie and enjoy a glass at one of the best restaurants in Greenwich Village.

Best Restaurants Greenwich Village. Via Carota

Via Carota

Website: Via Carota
51 Grove St, New York, NY 10014

Via Carota is the brainchild of the chefs behind Buvette (Jody Williams) and I Sodi (Rita Sodi). When the restaurant opened in 2014 it was an instant success — quickly rising to the top of any proper “best restaurants in Greenwich Village” list being lauded not only by the media, but by renowned NYC chefs.

Unapologetically Italian, and the menu boasts traditional Italian dishes prepared to perfection. Aside from the pasta, I’d argue that the Polipo (grilled octopus) is a must-order whenever offered on the menu. Unfortunately, Via Carota is one of the hardest reservations to get in NYC, so set an alarm and load Resy at 10AM, 30 days before the day you want to dine there.


Website: Semma
60 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011
South Indian

America’s only Michelin Star Indian restaurant, Semma, is a West Village hot-spot for good reason. The restaurant shines a light on South-Indian fare, which isn’t the common Indian food most of us in America have been introduced to.

Premier among the non-negotiable bites is the Gunpowder Dosa, a rice and lentil crepe that will bring you to your knees. Semma also has an applaudable array of cocktails that make it a prime restaurant in the Greenwich Village for date night. Just note the reservations are a bear to secure.

Best pizza NYC, John's of Bleecker, Best restaurants Greenwich Village

John’s of Bleecker

Website: John’s of Bleecker
Address: 278 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014
Cuisine: Pizza

Founded in 1929, John’s of Bleeker Street is one of the oldest pizzerias in New York City. The walls overflow with photos of celebrities and the windows are covered in prestigious awards collected over nearly 100 years. The Greenwich Village restaurant doesn’t sell slices, it’s a table-service sit down joint.

Using a (grandfathered) coal-fired pizza oven, the pizza is cooked at a high temperature for a short time, resulting in a charred crust that remains chewy at the center. Served piping-hot from the oven, resist the temptation to bite right in and let it cool for a minute before diving into the iconic slice.

I Sodi

Website: I Sodi
314 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

Founded by the esteemed chef Rita Sodi, co-owner of Via Carota, I Sodi stands as one of the best Greenwich Village restaurants. Born and raised on a farm near Florence, Italy, Sodi’s journey from the world of fashion to the realm of traditional Italian cuisine is a captivating tale.

Craving the simplicity of her mother’s meals, Sodi opened I Sodi in 2008, swiftly becoming a staple in New York City. The restaurant’s dedication to tradition is evident in its Tuscan offerings, with standout dishes like the Cotoletta Alla Milanese and Ravioli Burro e Salvia.

Best Restaurants Greenwich Village
Carbone NYC


Website: Carbone
Address: 181 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012

Carbone, an indispensable mention in the Greenwich Village dining scene, stands out as an upscale Italian haven for good reason. Renowned for mouthwatering preparation, the restaurant offers exceptional traditional Italian dishes crafted with precision and the service of a five-star hotel.

Carbone pays homage to the essence of mid-20th-century Italian-American restaurants in New York, blending elegance with comfort. The pasta selections perfectly complement an extensive array of wines, and the spicy vodka rigatoni is where the Greenwich Village restaurant earns its chops.

Don Angie

Website: Don Angie
103 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014

Don Angie, founded by acclaimed restaurateurs Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli, stands as one of the most popular restaurants in the Greenwich Village. Boasting a coveted Michelin Star, the restaurant earns acclaim for its exceptional pasta, more specifically the heart-stealing lasagna. It’s a perfectly balanced dish – creamy, almost airy, and generously layered with cheese (and meant to serve two).

And Don Angie goes beyond savory delights, offering the full dining experience. For those with a sweet tooth, the tiramisu rivals the best bakeries in NYC. Word to the wise: reservations can be hard to get at Don Angie’s, but I’ve had a stroke of luck arriving as soon as they open and putting my name on the list.

Best Restaurants Greenwich Village, Sevilla


Website: Sevilla
62 Charles St, New York, NY 10014

Opened in 1936, Sevilla has been serving New Yorkers for more than 86 years! Many agree that the quality has yet to waver, which is why a lot of locals consider this one of the best Spanish restaurants in Greenwich Village. The menu is brimming with traditional Spanish dishes like tapas and paella.

The Empanadillas (meat filled turnover) are great starters and help set the mood for the evening. Next, the Paella (Spanish rice with meat and vegetables) can be ordered any number of ways, my favorite being a la Marinera because it comes with lobster and chock-full of seafood.

Mamoun’s Falafel

Website: Mamoun’s Falafel
119 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012
Falafels, Middle Eastern

Mamoun’s Falafel stands as one of Greenwich Village’s best for its legendary falafel that transcends expectations. Since 1971, this humble eatery has perfected the art of crafting flavorful and affordable Middle Eastern delights, situating the restaurant as one of the most popular cheap eats in NYC.

The iconic falafel sandwiches, bursting with freshness and spice, have become a beloved staple. Mamoun’s commitment to authenticity and quality, combined with quick service, makes it a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike in search of the best affordable restaurants in the Greenwich Village.

Something to note: Mamoun’s outpost in the West Village is CASH-ONLY.

Best Greenwich Village Restaurants (Post Summary)

In sum, here’s a quick rundown of the can’t-miss restaurants in the Greenwich Village.

  1. Buvette
  2. Tartine
  3. Minetta Tavern
  4. Via Carota
  5. Semma
  6. John’s of Bleecker
  7. I Sodi
  8. Carbone
  9. Don Angie
  10. Petite Boucherie
  11. Sevilla
  12. Mamoun’s Falafel

Map of the Best West Village Restaurants

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And there you have it! The 12 best restaurants in the Greenwich Village. Let me know if I missed any of your favorites!


Lorraine A. Hogan

Wednesday 13th of July 2022

I cant begin to say what a joy it was to read your article. Although i now reside in north carolina i am like the song says 'a native new yorker. Greenwich Village is my favorite neighborhood and reading your "appetixing" reviews with the colotful photos of each dining spot made me feel like i was back in the hood of bedford, batrow, charles, christopher & grove streets. I that area and i do remember walking by minetta tavern many times. I simply want to THANK YOU ! for the endless smile I'm wearing. FYI - this is a first for me - writing to you as i have. I'm 73 and hope & pray i will get back to walk my favoriite greenwich village. Thanls again ! Lorraine Hogan