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8 Dreamy DUMBO Coffee Shops (You Can’t Help But Love)

Across the East River from Manhattan, there’s an adorable Brooklyn neighborhood with a silly little name that New Yorkers can’t help but love. DUMBO is full of cobblestone streets winding to and fro, taking guests past former warehouses and factories that have been turned into stores and restaurants.

Once a hub for aspiring artists, DUMBO never really lost its allure and still attracts both locals and tourists alike. And like the rest of the world, this neighborhood runs on caffeine. You’ll find a goldmine of charming coffee shops in DUMBO that brew with the same artistic passion that made the neighborhood famous.

But enough small talk, without further ado, here are the best coffee shops in DUMBO!

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DUMBO Coffee Shops

Table of Contents: Coffee Shops in DUMBO

Best Brooklyn Coffee


Website: Arabica
Address: 20 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 1120

Arabica first came on my radar by way of Instagram. Found on a charming block corner, the DUMBO coffee shop offers stellar views of lower Manhattan. As if that wasn’t enough, enormous half-dome windows perfectly frame the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. It’s nearly impossible not to take out your phone for a photo.

The location and epic views are incredibly memorable and help make it one of the best coffee shops in DUMBO to share with out-of-town guests. The modern interior fits perfectly with the neighborhood it calls home. However, don’t assume its beautiful design is merely fancy packaging; its coffee holds its own. With in-house state-of-the-art roasting machines, you truly get to experience the freshness and boldness of their coffee.

Cutest Cafes NYC Butler, DUMBO Coffee Shops

Butler Bake Shop

Website: Butler Bake Shop
Address: 40 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Ryan Butler blessed New Yorkers when he opened Butler in 2016. Being a chef by profession, Butler has curated an exquisite and simple menu that compliments their delicious coffee from Intelligentsia coffee roasters. Roasted to perfection, the coffee is among the smoothest you’ll find in NYC.

I never miss an opportunity to stop by their coffee shop in DUMBO, even if I have to take my order to-go. Whether you pop in first thing in the morning or for an afternoon snack, Butler has the perfect hot (or iced) cup of Joe for you. The sleek and gorgeously designed interiors make customers want to hang out in there. 

Joe's Coffee DUMBO best coffee in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Joe Coffee

Website: Joe Coffee
Address: 45 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 & 102 Hicks St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Some of the best coffee in all of New York City can be found at Joe Coffee Company. Luckily they have not one, but two coffee shops in DUMBO for you to run a cup through its paces. Their cafes are better suited for takeaway orders because of their smaller sizes, but I’d be dammed if I didn’t mention the phenomenal coffee.

It’s consistently smooth, so it always hits the spot, and I’m not the only one that thinks so. On the contrary, Founded in 2003, Joe’s Coffee has spread like wildfire. But it’s not hard to see why the DUMBO coffee shop is so loved — the atmosphere is inviting, the vibe relaxed, and the coffee exceptional.

Locals Tip: The shop on Washington Street is among the top DUMBO coffee spots, perfect for grabbing a drink and snapping a photo with the famous Manhattan Bridge backdrop! For that iconic shot, head to the intersection of Washington Street and Front Street

Dawn's Til Dusk, DUMBO Cafes

Dawn’s Til Dusk

Website: Dawn’s Til Dusk
Address: 33 Main St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

So you just walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and need a spot to rest your legs and refuel? Head to Dawn’s.

Dawn’s Til Dusk (more commonly called Dawn’s) is one of the cutest coffee shops in DUMBO. It’s located just a short walk away from the Brooklyn Bridge, so it’s a perfect pit stop after the trek. The charming corner lot creates the ideal scene for people watching while sipping away on a latte. It also doesn’t hurt that Dawn’s has a small selection of irresistible baked goods, including mouthwatering cookies.

There’s a cookie called the Judith, which happens to be gluten-free and vegan, that I dream of often! It’s a coconut toffee mix that’s so good you forget that it’s vegan. It’s not uncommon for this adorable DUMBO coffee shop to boast a line. Between the picturesque building and laid-back vibes, it’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular spot for a cup of coffee.


Address: 181 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

BEEPUBLIC is not only one of the most charming coffee shops in DUMBO, it’s one you can feel good supporting. Founder Jonathan Ledee set his sights on creating a sustainable cafe in New York City that focused on saving the bees. 

Bees are vital to the production of coffee and many other things that people consume. In BEEPUBLIC, Ledee saw a chance to build something greater than just coffee, making it one of the most ethical coffee shops in DUMBO. The menu, which features dishes like breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, and even burgers, is entirely vegan (in a truly sustainable manner).

And dare I say, this is one of the most affordable DUMBO coffee shops (when compared to common NYC pricing). An Americano costs less than $4, which, if you’re familiar with $8 lattes, is a steal. All the food items also range between $8-12, which I found to be impressive for the quality. All of this is to say that BEEPUBLIC is a great example of a business that offers top-notch service and eats while advocating for a larger issue and being true to its cause. 

Bonus: This DUMBO coffee shop turns into a bar later in the day, stick around and finish your study-sesh with a glass of wine!

DUMBO Coffee shops
Image Courtesy usagi


Website: usagi
Address: 163 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Of all the DUMBO coffee shops on our list, usagi might just take the cake when it comes to dreamy aesthetics. The Japanese-inspired cafe is a mix of a bookstore, a gallery, and a coffee shop. But with so much going on, the cafe is still minimal, spacious, and cozy.

You’ll often find the seats filled with folks clicking away on their laptops, nursing delicious matcha lattes, and surrounded by colorful books. It truly is as dreamy as it sounds, usagi is an easy place to love. Make sure to swing by on a rainy day and secure a spot near the window facing the street — it’s one of the best coffee shops in DUMBO for people-watching.

Best coffee shops NYC
Williamsburg Location


Website: Devoción
Address: 105 York St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Devoción means devotion in Spanish, which is a fitting name given that the cafe is devoted to being one of the best coffee shops in DUMBO. The neighborhood hot spot serves locals with the freshest cup of coffee possible, seriously. 

This DUMBO coffee shop is the closest thing you’ll get to a fresh roast outside of the places where the crop is actually harvested. After hand-selecting coffee plantations in Colombia, the folks at Devoción mill their coffee at their warehouse in Bogotá. Using overnight shipping, they then transport it to Brooklyn for in-house roasting. From there, it is prepared to order and finds its way into your cup within roughly ten days.

Zaruma Gold Coffee

Website: Zaruma Gold Coffee
Address: Inside DUMBO Market | 66 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Zaruma Gold Coffee might just be one of the best-kept secrets in Brooklyn. Serving some of the best coffee in DUMBO, this gem is tucked inside a neighborhood grocery store called the DUMBO Market. The unassuming cafe sources and serves coffee directly from Ecuador. The best part about this DUMBO coffee shop? The authentic Latin food and treats that follow in tow.

I mean, where else in NYC can you go to get a delicious cup of Ecuadorian coffee AND an empanada? The food is served fresh, and treats like the Yuca Bread (essentially balls of cheese bread) should never be skipped out on. It’s very apparent this DUMBO coffee shop prides itself on quality and authenticity, which translates into the goods.

Quick Recap of the Best Cafes in DUMBO

  1. % Arabica
  2. Butler Bake Shop
  3. Zaruma Gold Coffee
  4. Dawn’s Til Dusk
  5. Devoción
  6. usagi
  8. Joe Coffee

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So what the heck does DUMBO stand for?

Quite simply, DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Aptly named, this neighborhood is sandwiched between two iconic NYC bridges: the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. Don’t you just love it when the answer is uncomplicated and to the point? It’s the New York City way!

Best DUMBO Cafes (Helpful Map)


And there you have it, our list of great coffee shops in DUMBO. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if we missed anything. Cheers!