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10 Amazing Apple Cider Donuts in NYC (The BEST Fall Treat)

Visiting New York City Christmas

New York City may not have the small-town charm of Vermont or Massachusetts, but that doesn’t mean it can’t deliver on flavor. Speaking of which, apple cider donuts in NYC scratch that quaint, hometown itch every fall for thousands of New Yorkers.

Indeed, New York City doesn’t do anything halfway and these little bites of autumn are a testament to that. You can find apple cider donuts all across New York City, but I’m going to tell you where to find the best. In this article I’ll give you the inside scoop on all the apple cider donuts in NYC that are most worth the money (and calories).

Trust me when I say you’ll be craving more than one. So put on your coziest sweater and get comfy because we have a lot of ground to cover.

It’s autumn in New York that brings the promise of new love.

Ella Fitzgerald

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Best Apple Cider Donuts NYC

Table of Contents: Best Apple Cider Doughnuts New York City

The Doughnut Project

Website: The Doughnut Project
Neighborhood: West Village
Address: 10 Morton St, New York, NY 10014

Tucked between Bleecker and 7th Ave. The Doughnut Project is an unpretentious donut shop that churns out some of the best apple cider donuts in New York City during the fall. All donuts are hand-crafted and made in small batches, so chances of you getting a fresh donut are high. The texture is everything in this apple cider donut.

The fried treat’s surface, which is covered in RAW sugar, is crunchy, however its interior maintains its chewy texture. But that’s not all; a second layer of flavor and texture is added by baking thin apple slices into the yeast-style dough. Fair warning, this is one of the most popular apple cider donuts in NYC and sells out daily. Plan ahead and start your day with the delicious fried delight.

Local’s Tip: The Doughnut Project is a 3 minute walk from the famous “Friends” TV show apartment building. Make sure to grab a box of the best apple cider donuts in NYC and swing by for a photo. Here is the official address: 90 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014.

Dough Doughnuts

Website: Dough Doughnuts
Address: Multiple locations in New York City

Founded as a passion project in Bedstuy, Brooklyn Dough Doughnuts has been stealing New Yorkers heart’s since 2010. Dough Doughnuts has two menus. One is made up of the donuts available year-round and the other lists the seasonal donuts that are only available for limited times.

Boasting seven locations spread across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, you won’t struggle getting your hands on some of the best apple cider donuts in NYC this fall. Typically brought out of hibernation in November, the Apple Doughnut with Almond Streusel is Dough Doughnuts take on the popular fall treat.

The donut is large and fluffy and the flavor of apple in the dough works cohesively with the glaze and crunch from the almond. It’s a mouth-watering treat that’s perfect for sharing thanks to its generous size.

Doughnuttery Apple Cider Donuts fall treats nyc


Website: Doughnuttery
Neighborhood: Chelsea
Address: 425 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011

Doughnuttery has mastered the art of mini donuts and the best part is they sell some of the best apple cider donuts in all of NYC, year-round. Offering a variety of different flavored toppings, powders and sugar-coating, this is a place where your inner child gets to run wild.

The menu is made up of four categories; House Favorites, Seasonal/Exotic, Fruity/Nutty/Savory and House Traditional. The concoctions are endless. My husband loves the sugary options like Cookies & Cream or Fruit Cereal while I tend to go with savory options like the Purple Pig (maple, purple potatoes and bacon).

During the fall we put our differences aside and exclusively only order the apple cider donuts made with apple, orange and fall spices or the pumpkin pie brûlée. Both instantly put us in the autumn mindset. And since the donuts are so small you don’t feel bad having two (…or five).

Super Nice

Website: Super Nice
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Address: 156 E 117th St, New York, NY 10035

Small and nondescript, Super Nice Coffee and Bakery is just what the doctor ordered. Both their locations (Upper West and Upper East Sides) are friendly neighborhood joints. The bakery offers some of the best apple cider donuts in NYC and serves freshly prepared, hand-crafted yeast donuts daily.

Although they may not be sourced straight from the apple orchard, complaints about freshness have no room here! Did I mention little chunks of apples are worked into the dough? The flavor is unreal.

Since word got out that Super Nice is responsible for perfecting the tantalizing fall treat, you will occasionally run into a line. Even so, the line moves swiftly, and it’s well worth the wait for some of the tastiest apple cider donuts in New York City.

Jacks Stir Brew Coffee NYC

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

Website: Jack’s Still Brew Coffee
Address: Many Locations in New York City

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee wins the prize for most surprising apple cider donut in NYC. Not because I didn’t expect it to be downright delicious but because of how long it took me to realize the donut is vegan! And trust me, as a gal who loves her dairy you won’t be missing it one bit with these phenomenal fall treats.

The donut is the epitome of fall. The exterior is evenly coated in sugar and the interior is extremely soft, practically melting in your mouth. After a single bite you’ll quickly be transported to an upstate New York apple orchard. Whether you have dietary restrictions or simply want to have your socks blown off, run to Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee for one of the tastiest apple cider donuts in NYC.

Padoca Bakery

Website: Padoca Bakery
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Address: 210 E 67th St, New York, NY 10065

Is there any better feeling than seeing fall-themed baked goods at one of your favorite local bakeries? I think not! Every fall, New Yorkers flock to their nearest neighborhood joints to get their fill of pumpkin spiced lattes and cinnamon covered treats.

Padoca is no different! Churning out some of the best apple cider donuts in NYC, the Upper East Side bakery scratches the autumnal itch many of us get.

In fact, this UES bakery swarms with locals during the early morning hours. It’s not uncommon for baked goods to be sold out by noon. If you’re wanting to try one of the best apple cider donuts in New York City I suggest starting your day here. And while you’re at it make sure to order the signature Honey Oat Latte, it’s so satisfying.

Milk Bar

Website: Milk Bar
Address: Many Locations in New York City

Apple cider donut truffles… need I say more?

When it comes to creative apple cider donuts in New York City, Milk Bar comes out on top. It’s difficult to top the mixture of apple cider, cream cheese, pumpkin, and cinnamon all working together in unison to create a smooth bite-sized treat.

Another take on the famous fall dessert from Milk Bar is the apple cider doughnut cake. The spiced doughnut cake is layered with a tantalizing cream cheese frosting and apple bits sprinkled throughout the tiers. To top off the cavity just waiting to happen, the cake is then dusted in a crunchy cinnamon coating creating the most harmonious combination.

Although neither are technically classified as donuts, the flavors are exquisite and the cake is expertly crafted. It really should not be glossed over when searching for the best apple cider donuts in NYC.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Website: Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
Neighborhood: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Address: 727 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Peter Pan donuts has been a staple to the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn for years. Offering a plethora of outstanding donuts, this is the place you go to when you want a nostalgic, old school experience.

Serving one of the best classic apple cider donuts in NYC, Peter Pan has made an honest woman out of me. The donuts exterior is fried to perfection giving it a coat of crunch with every bite and the inside of the fried-delight packs a punch with flavor.

Every year I (gladly) make the trek and order myself a dozen apple cider donuts only to find three of them make it home. They’re so good I can’t help myself (all the looks on the subway are so worth it). And speaking of old school, Peter Pan is a cash only establishment. Swing by an ATM before stopping for some of the best apple cider donuts in NYC.

P.S: Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop might look familiar to some of you Marvel fans. That’s because this is the bakery MJ (played by Zendaya) works at in Spider-Man: No Way Home!

Doughnut Plant

Website: Doughnut Plant
Address: Many Locations in New York City

Every great foodie city has their go-to spots for amazing fried treats and Doughnut Plant is at the top of our list for best apple cider donuts in NYC! Offering both a yeast and cake-style apple cider donut, the donuts are made with local apples from the GreenMarket. And the glaze uses real cinnamon instead of just a flavoring syrup.

Their case is overflowing with stunning options full of other seasonal flavors like apple cinnamon crumble and pumpkin spiced donuts. With multiple locations in NYC, make sure to prioritize these golden goodies in your quest for the best apple cider donuts in New York City.

Farmers Markets

No list of the best apple cider donuts in New York City could be complete without mentioning the Crème de la crème — farmers markets! Home to 48 farmers markets throughout the Big Apple, there is no shortage of fresh fall treats.

My personal favorite market for apple cider goodies is Union Square Farmers Market. Selling everything from fresh ciders to honey and jams, you’ll find every autumnal need at one of the many stands peppered around Union Square.

If at all helpful, here is a quick round-up of other delightful farmers markets throughout the city to enjoy your fill of apple cider donuts in NYC:

  • Grand Bazaar (Upper West Side) | Year-round every Sunday from 10AM – 5PM.
  • Columbus Circle Holiday Market (Columbus Circle) | Daily from November 23rd – December 31st, 2023.
  • Tucker Square Greenmarket (Upper West Side) | Year-round every Thursday from 8 AM – 3PM.
  • Tompkins Square (East Village) | Year-round every Sunday from 9AM – 4PM.
  • Greenmarket at the Oculus (Financial District) | Tuesdays from 8AM – 5PM, June 6th to November 21st, 2023.
Visiting New York City Christmas

Honorable Mentions:
Trader Joe’s:

After moving to New York City and beginning my search for the best apple cider donuts, Trader Joe’s kept appearing on many of the lists. So being the curious gal that I am, I walked myself to the nearest Trader Joe’s, picked up a box of six donuts for $4.49 and never looked back. I couldn’t believe how delicious the donuts were! They are now my go-to spot when I’m too lazy to visit a farmers market.

Dunkin Donuts:

Although they are not the best apple cider donuts you can get in NYC, they are reliable. The biggest perk Dunkin Donuts has on this list is that finding a location near you won’t be a challenge. Plus the franchise starts rolling out the autumnal treats late-August, meaning you can indulge in your fall urges slightly earlier than many of the other spots on this list of best apple cider donuts in New York City.

Whole Foods:

Much like Trader Joes, Whole Foods came highly recommended to me on my quest for the best apple cider donuts in NYC. Whenever I have out-of-town visitors, I make sure to swing by the Whole Foods near Bryant Park, grab a box and treat my guests to a donut in the park.

If you’re lucky and visiting NYC in the late stages of fall, the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park is up and running. You can wander from stall to stall while snacking on one of the most delicious apple cider donuts in NYC.

Quick recap of the Best Apple Cider Donuts in New York City

  1. Farmers Markets
  2. Doughnut Plant
  3. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
  4. Milk Bar
  5. Padoca Bakery
  6. Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee
  7. Super Nice 
  8. Doughnuttery 
  9. Dough Doughnuts
  10. The Doughnut Project 
  11. Trader Joes 
  12. Dunkin Donuts
  13. Whole Foods

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New York City Apple Cider Donut Spots (Helpful Map)

And there you have it, the best apple cider donuts NYC has to offer. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if we missed anything.