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10+ Bold Brooklyn Coffee Shops (You’re Guaranteed to Love)

Best coffee Brooklyn NYC

Post Overview: Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

New York City has long been admired for its creativity and innovation, and the great coffee shops in Brooklyn are a testament to that. Coffee in New York City is a part of the routine, but coffee in Brooklyn is a part of the culture and we are all better for it.

Creating a list of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn is no easy task and there is a handful of criteria to consider. The space has to be clean and welcoming, and delicious pastries are non-negotiable.

In terms of vibe some of the best Brooklyn coffee shops make great study spots, others transition to clubs after the sun goes down.

As a local this is my attempt at rounding up the best coffee shops Brooklyn has to offer and I hope you find it useful.

Best Brooklyn Coffee Shops

Table of Contents: Best Brooklyn Coffee Shops

#1. Hungry Ghost

Hungry Ghost came to grace us as one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn by way of Turkish founder Murat Uyaroglu. Recently having celebrated their 10 year anniversary, it’s safe to say New Yorkers love them.

Serving exceptional Stumptown coffee, Hungry Ghost has 12 locations in the Big Apple with more than half of them in Brooklyn.

“I saw the game changing, coffee started being treated like wine; it’s special. It’s important where you get it, how you roast it, how you brew it.”

Murat Uyaroglu, the Bridge Brooklyn business news

In terms of cozy Brooklyn coffee shops it doesn’t get more charming than the Hungry Ghost. All their cafés are sun drenched and exude an airy feel, but I’m partial to the Park Slope location (those arches!).

This would be a great spot for a first date. You just have to hope to be as charming as this Brooklyn café!

Locations: Various cafés throughout New York City.

Best coffee Brooklyn New York City
Hungry Ghost | Best Brooklyn Coffee Shops

#2. Sey Coffee

A list of the best coffee shop in Brooklyn wouldn’t be complete without Sey Coffee. Airy and bright with an an abundance of greenery – this Brooklyn café is a true breath of fresh air. And the captivating presentation doesn’t just apply to their physical shop, Sey Coffee (by their own admission) strive to produce a beautiful coffee.

Most recently being listed as Food & Wines best coffee shop in New York state, Sey Coffee’s popularity is growing far and wide.

This is why Sey Coffee is offering a popular subscription program. This program is one I subscribe to personally. It enables me to try new coffee from one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn, all from the comfort of my own apartment.

Address: 18 Grattan St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Sey Coffee Best Brookly Coffee Shop
image courtesy Sey Coffee

#3. Devoción

Devoción means devotion in Spanish, and this café is aptly named because they are devoted to serving the best coffee in Brooklyn. Serving New Yorkers with the freshest cup of coffee possible outside of the places where the crop is actually harvested.

After hand selecting the coffee plantations in Colombia, the folks at Devoción mill their coffee at their warehouse in Bogotá. Using overnight shipping they then transport it to Brooklyn for in house roasting. From there it is prepared to order and finds it’s way into your cup all within roughly 10 days.

With a handful of locations around NYC, I frequent the Williamsburg location most because it feels very cozy with their exposed brick and warm lighting. Fair warning though, this is one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn so seating at times can be difficult. Domino Park is a 5 minute walk however, so worst case scenario take in some views of the East River while enjoying your coffee.

Address: 69 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Best coffee shops Brooklyn
Devoción Coffee Shop in Brooklyn

#4. Ciao, Gloria

The best coffee shops in Brooklyn serve more than just great coffee. They are welcoming, have a comfy and clean aura, and serve delicious food. To that end Ciao, Gloria is definitely one of the best Brooklyn coffee shops.

Co-founders Renato Poliafito & Ginger Fisher Baldwin both have had successful careers in bakeries and have brought their talents to Ciao, Gloria. Serving all day breakfast as well as an assortment of baked goods, Ciao, Gloria has quite the variety. You’re sure to find the perfect complement to your coffee.

Address: 550 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Ciao Gloria Brooklyn Coffee Shops
image courtesy Ciao Gloria

#5. % Arabica

% Arabica is what I envision when I think of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn largely thanks to its modern design. Enormous half-dome windows perfectly frame the iconic Brooklyn Bridge making this one of the most Instagrammable Brooklyn cafés.

Located in the trendy DUMBO neighborhood, this café offers stellar views of the Brooklyn Bridge (as mentioned) and lower Manhattan. Making it one of the best Brooklyn coffee shops to share with out of town guests.

% Arabica is remarkably memorable and the coffee holds its own. With in-house roasting machines you truly get to experience the freshness and boldness of their coffee (and feel like you’re on a movie set while doing it).

Address: 20 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Best Brooklyn Coffee
% Arabica | Best Coffee in Brooklyn

#6. Land to Sea

Land to Sea was founded by two passionate women driven by their desire to create a welcoming community space. Inspired by their immigrant parents, college friends Emily and Eva fostered an environment that continues telling the stories of those who are brave enough to put their dreams in motion.

Serving some of the best coffee in Brooklyn, Land to Sea opens their doors to artists, bakers, filmmakers and musicians to promote talented locals in the community (upcoming schedule here).

Serving delicious and innovative Sey Coffee, the time spent at Land to Sea never fails to inspire. If you’re looking for something unique, I can’t recommend their turmeric latte enough!

Address: 402 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Land to Sea Best Brooklyn Coffee Shop
image courtesy Land to Sea

#7. The West Coffeehouse & Bar

Following in the footsteps of its namesake Mae West, the West Coffeehouse & Bar continues pushing boundaries. How many Brooklyn coffee shops transform into the most popular late night destination after sunset? I can think of only one and it is the West. That is why I chose to include it on this list of the best coffee in Brooklyn.

Beloved coffee shop by day, the West offers pastries and a complete coffee menu, plus one of the best outdoor patios for getting some work done or catching up with a friend. By night, the West turns into a full service bar with beer on tap and creative cocktails. With live performances keeping patrons entertained until their 2 AM closing time, it’s not hard to see why this was the #1 Lyft destination in {2018}.

Address: 379 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

#8. Bakeri

Trying one of Bakeri’s delicacies is like seeing color for the first time. Everything from their coffee creations to delicious baked goods is guaranteed to satisfy, which is why I consider this one of the best cafés in Brooklyn.

As someone that grew up eating conchas (Mexican sweet bread) like it was my job, I can’t recommend their’s enough. Paired with a latté and a good friend, it’s hard to beat this Brooklyn café.

Address: 105 Freeman St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Best Brooklyn Cafes
Bakeri | Best Brooklyn Cafes

#9. For the Record

New York City at times can seem overwhelming. Not every coffee shop allows enough space for a simple hangout. Lucas Deysine wanted to change that by opening one of the best coffee shops Brooklyn has to offer. Creating a space that plays the widest arrays of music and has ample seating, the hours seem to fly by at For the Record.

Opened in 2021, locals consider this some of the best coffee in Brooklyn and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a staple in the Greenpoint neighborhood.

Hosting community events, For the Record is truly the type of focal point every neighborhood needs. You can view their calendar here. When you physically can’t make it into the shop you can stream the day’s playlist through Spotify.

For those that consider themselves vinylphiles, feel free to sift through the vinyls (and buy a few) at this charming Brooklyn café. Quick tip: For the Record also purchases vinyls, so think twice before tossing out grandma’s collection.

Address: 1107 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

#10. Qahwah House

Qahwah is the Arabic word for coffee, and Qahwah House is a Yemeni coffee shop in Brooklyn. Serving authentic and organically sourced coffee directly from Yemen, this coffee shop provides a change of pace to the usual big-box coffee shops.

The smell of freshly roasted coffee is guaranteed to embrace you the moment you walk through the door at this charming Brooklyn coffee shop. If you’re interested, there is a cool map that shows the worldwide distribution of coffee stemming from the Port of Mocha in Yemen.

Qahwah House offers traditional Yemeni delights, as well as your comforting coffee shop staples. Ordering the Khaliat Alnahl, (a cheese filled buttery roll with honey) is non-negotiable. I honestly could not tell you how I lived life this long without it.

Address: 162 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

11. Stumptown No. 12

How much more New York does it get than cobblestone streets and a mid 1800’s firehouse? Not much, and that is why Stumptown No. 12 cracks the list of the best Brooklyn coffee shops. This Portland-based coffee brand serves some of the best coffee in Brooklyn out of a repurposed fire house.

I find myself returning for their seasonal lavender matcha latte more than any other drink on the menu. The presentation is stellar and the drink itself is even better. This location also sells King David’s Tacos, some of the best breakfast tacos in Brooklyn.

Address: 212B Pacific St, Brooklyn NY 11201

Stumptown No. 12 Best Brooklyn Coffee Shops
image courtesy Stumptown Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn (Post Summary)

In sum, here’s a roundup of the best coffee in Brooklyn. This is the same list I share with to dear friends who are visiting, whether for the first time or the tenth.

  1. Hungry Ghost
  2. Sey Coffee
  3. Devoción
  4. Ciao, Gloria
  5. % Arabica
  6. Land to Sea
  7. The West
  8. Bakeri
  9. For the Record
  10. Qahwah House
  11. Stumptown No. 12

Map of the best coffee in Brooklyn


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