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25 Fun Fall Activities in New York City (Helpful 2024 Guide)

Little Island during Fall best parks NYC NYC in fall

As Central Park bursts with the vibrant colors of fall foliage and businesses prepare for the holiday season, New York City takes on a truly magical ambiance in autumn.

Compiling this list of the best fall activities in New York City has been an eight-year journey. Like many others, I fall victim to the charm of the season. So, with my boots on and my coziest sweater in tow, I begin the hunt to see what the hell the city is up to during fall.

I wanted to make sure to cover absolutely everything you need to know before visiting NYC in the fall. So without further ado, lets’ get to the good stuff!

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Visiting New York City in the Fall,
Fall colors in Central Park, NYC

Fall in New York City (Things to Do)

Table of Contents: Best Fall Activities in NYC

Moving to Manhattan
Biking through Central Park in the fall
Things to do fall NYC

#1. Bike Through Central Park’s Fall Foliage

Visiting Central Park in the fall is a must in New York City! With over 840 acres, the park’s fiery autumn hues are a surreal experience. Biking is an efficient way to explore iconic spots like the mall, adorned with yellow leaves, or the vibrant Harlem Meer in the north. Cycling through the park’s 18,000 trees creates an inspiring and mesmerizing colorful canopy, making it one of the best fall activities in NYC.

Need help knowing where to find the best foliage in Central Park? Check out 12 Epic Spots to See Fall Color in Central Park

Visiting New York City Christmas
Union Square Greenmarket, things to do in NYC in fall

#2. Get Fall Treats From the Local Farmers Market

Is there anything better than fresh apple cider and donuts during the fall in NYC? I think not! Home to 48 farmers markets, there’s no shortage of fresh fall treats in the Big Apple. My personal favorite market for apple cider goodies is Union Square Farmers Market. In my years of living here, I’ve ate my fair share in calories and now encourage you to do the same.

Regardless of which vendor you buy from, walking around with a hot apple cider as you peruse the market can feel like a dream. Fall treats in New York City are too good to miss, so don’t forget to visit a market.

Pumpkin Arch Pier 17, best things to do in New York City in the fall

#3. Snap a Photo Under the Pumpkin Arch on Pier 17

For an Instagrammable fall spot in NYC, Pier 17 has you covered. Since 2020, they’ve featured a free art installation – an arch made of 500+ pumpkins. It’s a joyous photo-op drawing people citywide. With the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, this orange masterpiece is a stunning sight.

The pumpkin arch usually appears around mid-October at Pier 17, making it one of the best fall activities in NYC. While technically there are no rules for how long you can take pictures, be courteous of those around you. Try to take your pictures quickly to maintain the flow of the line (and trust me, there will be a line).

Pro Tip: Visit the pumpkin arch at night for a magical experience. The arch is full of lights that add a whole new dimension to the arch and your photos.

Oktoberfest, NYC fall things to do

#4. Celebrate Oktoberfest with Friends

Can’t make it to Oktoberfest in Germany? No worries! Experience a taste of it at Pier 15 from September 8th to October 29th. Watermark Bar goes all out with lederhosen-clad staff, delicious food, and plenty of beer. It’s one of the best fall activities in the city, just a stone’s throw from the pumpkin arch on Pier 17.

Oktoberfest is free to enter – register online and pay for what you order. If you’re not into drinking, no problem. It’s a family-friendly celebration with non-alcoholic options, food, and stunning waterfront views of NYC. Enjoy fall in the city with friends and family!

Hot Chocolate from Levain Bakery

#5. Go on the Hunt for New York City’s Best Hot Chocolate

Fall in New York City is all but guaranteed to bring chilly weather, so warming up with a drink is a must. Plus, the holidays might bring out your inner child, and let’s be honest, coffee doesn’t always cut it. Hot chocolate is liquid gold, regardless of your age (and it doubles as a hand warmer!). I make it a yearly game to find the best hot chocolate in the city. Tough job, right?

Here’s the quick rundown: If you like your hot chocolate rich and dark, I suggest checking out Jacques Torres or L. A. Burdick. If a lighter, thinner hot chocolate is more your style, head over to Levain for a delicious cup of cocoa.

Greenpoint Things to Do NYC Bar Blondeau
Bar Blondeau in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

#6. Bundle up at a Rooftop Bar

Now before you arrive at a rooftop bar and promptly begin shaking like a cold chihuahua hear me out: fall in New York City brings forth a different rooftop bar experience. Instead of fist-pumping during sunset, wearing shorts and drinking margaritas why not visit an (enclosed) rooftop bar in New York City in the fall? Think of it: cozy sweaters, warm boots, smokey drinks and heated rooftop views.

If budget and time aren’t concerns, try Mo Lounge at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel with stunning Central Park views, though it comes with a price tag of around $26 per drink. If casual is more your vibe, check out Westlight in Brooklyn for epic city views and tasty fries, right across from Midtown Manhattan.

Brooklyn Heights during halloween

#7. Wander Neighborhoods to Find the Best Halloween Decorations

I currently have an on-going debate with my husband on which New York City neighborhood is home to the best Halloween decorations. I’m partial to the (oh so charming) Greenwich Village, while my husband argues the Upper West Side is where it’s at.

Spider webs, skeletons, and pumpkins adorn brownstones, turning city strolls into a unique experience. Wandering through neighborhoods for Halloween decor is a top fall activity in NYC – fun for kids and adults alike. No matter the neighborhood, you’re in for a treat!

Lorely Beer Garden Pumpkin Keg Halloween NYC
Things to do fall

#8. Enjoy a Pint of Pumpkin Beer

Finding delicious pumpkin beer in New York City in the fall will be an easy thing to achieve. You can find great options at any local pub or even at bodegas. But what if I told you I know a spot that takes it one step further and serves pumpkin beer in a pumpkin keg? It’s true! Loreley Beer Garden on the Lower East Side is the genius behind this NYC fall tradition.

Between September 14th and October 31st grab your friends and enjoy a 60 oz pumpkin keg filled with pumpkin beer. The keg is fitted with a beer tap and you can roughly get 4-5 glasses of beer out of it. But if you’re not a fan of pumpkin beer you can still partake in this NYC fall activity. You have the option to substitute the flavored beer with any beer Loreley’s has on tap at no extra charge.

Best Christmas restaurants New York City Serra by Birreria, fall in NYC

#9. Enjoy a Meal at Serra By Birreria

Serra By Birreria, atop Eataly in the Flatiron District, is a seasonal gem offering delectable Italian cuisine and crafted cocktails. Known for ever-changing decor, fall transforms it with warm tones and faux foliage, creating a cozy atmosphere. Perfect for drinks with friends or Instagram-worthy photos, it’s a must-visit in NYC during fall

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2023 Turkey Float

#10. Check out the Macy’s Day Parade

Few fall events in New York City loom as large as the Macy’s Day Parade. First started in 1924, it’s now a televised event folks can look forward to every Thanksgiving morning all across America. For three hours every Thanksgiving, colorful 12 foot floats take over the autumn NYC streets. Starting at West 77th Street & Central Park West they run all the way to Macy’s Herald Square, the largest department store in the world.

To the tune of 27 million viewers cheering them on TV and another 3 million in person, it’s a New York City fall tradition unlike any other! You can’t afford to miss out on it (in person) if you are in town, some folks even travel here just for the parade.

The live broadcasting starts at 9:00 AM, but if you plan on attending this epic NYC fall event, I suggest showing up at least 2 hours early to get a good spot (but if you can, the earlier the better).

Pro Tip: Pack snacks and make coffee at home to take with you. The streets get crowded quickly and lines for coffee shops are ridiculous! Just don’t drink too much liquid, because there are no convenient restrooms.

Ice skating in Central Park at Wollman Rink

#11. Go Ice Skating in Central Park

Ice skating at Wollman Rink is arguably one of the most iconic things to do in NYC during the fall. Located in the southern part of Central Park, the rink is open from late October through early April. 

It’s one of the NYC fall activities everyone needs to add to their bucket list. Just think of this: Imagine yourself surrounded by colorful tree’s and crisp Central Park air, it’s the ultimate New York autumn experience. But word to the wise: Wollman Rink gets crowded quickly during the fall in New York City, especially during weekends. Try to visit during the weekday and arrive early if your schedule allows.

Local’s tips: Wollman Rink is CASH-ONLY, but there’s an ATM onsite. We also wrote 12 Impressive Ice Skating Rinks in New York City (& Where to Skate For FREE!) in case you’re interested in more rinks.

Chelsea Market, NYC Best things to do in Chelsea, things to do in the fall in New York City

#12. Stroll Through Chelsea Market’s Fall Decorations

The Chelsea Market is a famous food hall mixed with unique shops, restaurants, spice markets, and cafes. The market has 35 vendors waiting to impress you with tasty treats and fare. Therefore checking out Chelsea Market during your visit to New York City in the fall is a no-brainer. You can stop by for souvenirs or just grab a bite to eat.

During fall, corn stalks, hay bales, pumpkins and lights make the market a charming and easy stroll. Just look out during Halloween, there are motion activated witches and skeletons and are known to spook more than one guest.

When visiting New York City in the fall this is what I recommend at the Chelsea Market: Matcha from Chalait, warm donuts from the Doughnuttery, brunch from Sarabeth’s Bakery, pumpkin brownies from Fat Witch Bakery, spices from Spices and Tease and souvenirs from Pearl River Mart.

Movie Locations New York City Rockefeller Center
If you’re visiting NYC in late-fall and need things to do consider attending the iconic Rockefeller Tree Lighting!

#13. Experience the Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center

Date: November 29, 2023

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting is an annual New York City tradition that dates back to 1933 officially (unofficially, construction workers put up the first tree in 1931).

The tree typically gets lit the end of November/early December, and in 2023 that date specifically falls on November 29th. Folks visiting New York City in the fall have an opportunity to be there when the switch gets flipped. A new tree is selected every year with an impressive requirement: the tree must be at least 75 feet tall.

Decorated with more than 50,000 lights and topped with a breathtaking (and super bright) Swarovski star, seeing this masterpiece get lit for the first time (in person) is one of the best things to do in NYC in the fall. 

manhatta bar, scotch whisky nyc, nyc whisky bars

#14. Warm up with a Whiskey

A favorite NYC fall tradition: whiskey tastings. With some of the world’s best bars, don’t miss out during your trip to New York City in the fall. Gather a group of friends for private tastings to learn about the whiskey-making process, gaining a deeper appreciation for quality drinks. If solo or in a small group, opt for a whiskey flight at a bar – less expensive and equally enjoyable as a tasting, with minimal planning needed. One of my favorite spots is The Flatiron Room, an award winning bar that has both tastings and flights.

Have a special love for whiskey? We recently had a member of the New York Simply team rank the 20 BEST Scotch Whisky Bars in New York City. See if you agree with his ratings!

Queens County Farm, NYC things to do fall
Image Courtesy Queens County Farm Museum

#15. Pick a Pumpkin from Queens County Farm

Dates: September 30 to October 31st, 2023 (Closed October 29th)

When I moved to NYC from the Pacific Northwest eight years ago, I worried about missing out on essential fall activities. My first thought was where the hell does someone get a pumpkin for Halloween? Sure bodegas are great and they get the job done, but it’s not the same. I need the full fall experience.

To my surprise, typical “suburban” fall activities like going to a pumpkin patch are still actually possible in New York City! Queens County Farm has been around for over 300 years and plays a huge role in that.

The farm hosts an annual pumpkin patch open daily from September 30th to October 31st, with free admission. Prices for pumpkins vary by size. Don’t forget to bring your own bag for the commute back to the city. They also have a corn maze – attempting it at night is one of the best fall activities in NYC, but wear boots for the muddy terrain!

Mocktail from Oscar Wilde
Best things to do in New York City in the Fall

#16. Grab Drinks at Oscar Wilde

Making reservations at Oscar Wilde during the fall in NYC is non-negotiable. The restaurant decorates for the autumn in a way that is unmatched. Every inch of the place gets decorated (including the ceiling), minimalism has no place here. During the Halloween season it gets a spooky makeover, and folks dining in costumes is par for the course.

Truth be told, the food is decent but won’t rock your socks. This is the kind of place you visit for the fun experience, not just a hearty dinner. Having said that the drinks are incredible! There’s a plethora of fun and innovative cocktails to choose from that will make your fall in New York City vacation memorable and exciting.

Quick history lesson: Oscar Wilde was an Irish poet and one of the most popular playwrights in the late 19th century best known for his wit and flamboyance.

Unfortunately, Wilde’s reputation was tarnished after falling in love with a man. As you probably know, in the Victorian era being gay was not only frowned upon, but a crime. So much so that Wilde spent two years in prison because of it.

This Victorian style restaurant is a way to celebrate all that Oscar Wilde stood for. Hosting an impressive art (and object) collection dating back to the 1800’s you can enjoy a French fireplace from the 1840’s, stained glass from an Irish castle and so much more.

Christmas Tree at Bryant Park Winter Village, Best christmas trees New York City

#17. Check Out the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park Holiday Market

Bryant Park is a reminder that big things come in small packages, the park is tiny but is arguably the most lively in Manhattan. There’s a fun-filled schedule of activities happening year round, but none are as popular as the annual Bank of America Holiday Market.

The park is transformed into a European-style holiday market, equipped with 100 vendors that lining a popular ice skating rink. You might be wondering if you’re still on the right article, since you’re interested in the best things to do in New York City in the fall – not Christmas.

Fret not, you’re still in the right place. The market usually starts going up in late October or early November, meaning if you’re visiting New York City in the fall you can still peruse the market.

The stalls sell fun Christmas decorations, handmade crafts, unique jewelry and — my favorite — food, lots of good food. Grab a hot chocolate or mulled wine as you make your way around the lively market. And if you’re visiting New York City in the fall with kids, the 17,000-square foot ice rink is free to use! Ice skate rentals run $20-$36 per person, which is how they get you but it’s a fun activity nonetheless.

Further reading: The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park is one of 10 Cheerful Christmas Markets in New York City (Most Worth the Visit!)

Tompkins Square Dog Parade, best things to do fall NYC
Image Courtesy Tompkins Square Dog Run & Stacie Joy

#18. Be Amazed by the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Parade

Yup, Tompkins Square Park throws an annual Halloween parade for dogs and it’s just as adorable as it sounds! Folks from all over flood the East River Park Amphitheater with their pups dressed in ridiculously cute costumes creating one of the best fall activities in NYC.

Since moving to NYC I learned New Yorkers don’t mess around when it comes to their dogs, so why would Halloween be any different? Especially when there are awards at stake! Clear your schedule on October 21st because you’re not going to want to miss this. The creativeness and dedication leaves me speechless year after year. A lot of the dogs I see at the parade are dressed better than me.

Whether you own a dog or not, this New York City fall activity is so stinking precious you are guaranteed to melt into a puddle from all the cuteness.

#19. Take an After-Hours Tour of Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery has a plethora of NYC fall events to choose from. You can take tours of the cemetery (after dark), participate a Crime and Catastrophe trolley tour or enjoy live music and entertainment.

Oh, and I should mention a fascinating 25-year creative installation located at the cemetery. The installation, called Here Lie the Secrets of the Visitors of Green-Wood Cemetery, is a grave designed specifically for secrets. Visitors can write their most intimate secrets on a sheet of paper and finally lay them to rest.

Check out Green-Wood Cemetery’s calendar here and plan the prefect spooky night while visiting New York City in the fall. Just remember, this is the final resting place for more than half a million people, so be respectful.

#20. Take a Fall Foliage Cruise

Experience the beauty of fall in New York City aboard a 1920s-style yacht with Classic Harbor Line’s Fall Foliage Cruise. Enjoy the magic of the city’s fall foliage and skyline from a cozy vessel with a heated observatory adorned in festive decor. Listen to charming music, savoring the sights for an unforgettable memory. Beer, wine, Champagne, and hot beverages are available for sale on board, making this joyful NYC fall experience complete with a hot chocolate in hand.

You can get your tickets here and enjoy one of the best things to do in New York City in the fall.

Visiting the Bronx Zoo, best things to do NYC fall
Image Courtesy Bronx Zoo

#21. Enjoy Boo at the Zoo

For family-friendly fall fun in NYC, Boo at the Zoo by the Bronx Zoo is a gem. Kids can trick or treat along candy trails, learn about animals’ favorite snacks, and enjoy educational activities. With arts and crafts, a magician, pumpkin carving shows, and a costume parade, it’s one of the best fall activities for kids in NYC. Tickets must be purchased in advance with flex pricing, so book early to secure a lower rate. Your little ones will be grinning from ear to ear!

Boo at the Zoo takes place on Saturdays and Sundays from September 30th – October 29th, 2023.

Further reading: Bronx Zoo is on our list of 18 Breathtaking Spots for Fall Foliage in New York City, check out why.

#22. Cheer on the Local Football Teams

It should go without saying, New Yorkers are passionate. Passionate about their food, passionate about their neighborhoods, passionate about their sports teams. If you find yourself visiting New York City in the fall I strongly recommend attending a football game. The season is in full swing and you have two teams who play their home games across the state line in New Jersey.

Since the New York Jets and the New York Giants share a stadiums there’s usually a game every weekend (one week the Jets, the next week the Giants etc.) And incredibly – for the first time in years, both teams have legitimate reasons to be excited. Playoff hopes are high and the fan bases have a renewed spark that will make home games electric.

#23. Visit Fall-o-Ween at the New York Botanical Garden

One of my favorite New York City fall activities is celebrating Fall-O-Ween at the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). Beginning September 16th, NYBG kicks off the autumn season with loads of pumpkins, hordes of gourds and plenty of NYC fall activities.

A personal favorite of mine is the Pumpkin Parade Weekend. The entire weekend is chock-full of pumpkins, families and Halloween festivities. Kiddos dress up in their Halloween costumes and get to strut down Garden Way showing off the cutest looks.

Aside from the parade, you can expect to see pumpkins larger than life and pumpkin carvings like never before. Here is the calendar for New York Botanical Garden so you can maximize your time in New York City in the fall.

Pricing varies depending on age, non-residents can plan to pay $35 for adults & $15 for ages 2-12 (Kiddos under 2 are free!). Residents of NYC can plan to pay $15 for adults & $4 for ages 2-12.

Greenwich Village Halloween Parade 2023,

#24. Participate in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

This year is the 50th annual Halloween Parade NYC hosted in Greenwich Village. The tradition started with a solo mask-maker and puppeteer who walked his neighborhood streets for the local kids’ entertainment. 

By the third year the NYC Halloween parade developed into a non-profit organization full of volunteers who dedicate themselves to keeping the New York City fall tradition alive. Growing to more than 50,000 costumed participants a year I’d say the parade is very much alive and well. 

As far as fall activities in New York City go, the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village tops the list. If you’re in the city on October 31st this is where you want to be.

The parade can be viewed on both sides of 6th Avenue between King St. and 15th St. There are also a handful of ways to participate. The Halloween parade is always looking for volunteers and if you want a more flashy role consider actually being in the parade. This year the theme is Upside/Down : Inside/Out!.

There’s also a costume contest, which you automatically enter just by showing up in costume. The Halloween Parade has “secret scouts” looking for the most original and fun costumes. Prizes are announced after the parade.

Things to do in New York City in the fall, walk the West Village

#25. Explore the Fall Colors in the West Village

The West Village is arguably the most charming neighborhood in New York City. And just when you think it can’t possibly be anymore enjoyable, just wait until fall in NYC.

There’s a plethora of great cafes in the area so grab a warm drink and walk around with your special someone close by. Even if you’re only visiting New York City in the fall for a few days, carve time to peruse this charming neighborhood. Admire the brownstones, pop into cozy shops, spend a few minutes appreciating the decorated window displays and walk the empty streets to your hearts content.

This is the kind of neighborhood folks envision when they day dream of living in New York City. Hell, it’s the kind of neighborhood locals dream of but often can’t afford (maybe one day I’ll live here).

But not everything can (or should) be planned. Make time during your trip for aimless wandering – you won’t regret it! Admire the fall colors in New York City and be prepared to pull up apartment listings because it’s hard not to fall under the West Village’s spell.

For a deeper dive into the neighborhood read 22 Exciting Things to Do in New York City’s Charming Greenwich Village.

Best Things to Do Fall NYC
Things to do in New York City in the Fall
Things to do in New York City in the Fall — check out the pumpkins in Greenwich Village

Tips for Visiting NYC in the Fall

Comfortable walking shoes are a must

You will be doing a lot of walking while exploring New York City in the fall. The subway is efficient but sometimes it’s better to walk between places to absorb more of the city — the skyline is euphoric and the color of the city is magical.

Bring your most comfortable pair of shoes because you’ll be getting those steps in, I guarantee it.

Expect Crowds

The Big Apple averages more than 63 million visitors per year, crowds are all but guaranteed especially during fall in NYC. 

That’s a lot of people trying to eat at the same popular restaurants and do the same popular thing. With holiday season slowly creeping in, prepare for crazy long lines while visiting New York City in the autumn.

Treat the sidewalk like a highway

Nothing bothers a New Yorker more than a person that stops smack-dab in the middle of the sidewalk. It’s inconsiderate and you’re all but guaranteed to garner eye rolls.

There’s two ways you could inadvertently hog the sidewalk: walking side-by-side in a large group and stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, effectively preventing access. Make sure you step to the side of the sidewalk if you need to stop. This way your trip to New York City in the fall will be both fun and courteous!

New York City in the Fall Bucket List
Downloadable checklist for folks visiting New York City in the Fall

Pros of Visiting New York City in the fall

Fall in New York City provides the perfect weather for exploring

Mild fall temperatures in NYC, ranging from the low 50s to high 70s, make it comfortable for outdoor exploration. The best time to visit for fall color is in mid to late October, when the leaves have turned but the trees aren’t completely bare yet.

Never ending fall festivities and events

New York City in the fall is chock-full of different festivals and events for both locals and visitors to attend. From Halloween parties to lighting the tree at Rockefeller Center after Thanksgiving, finding things to do in New York City during the fall should be a piece of cake pumpkin pie. 😉

Holiday spirit is in the air

Autumn in New York City is when the city comes alive with festive glee. The holiday season is right around the corner and businesses are bustling in preparation for eager shoppers. The cheery spirit is contagious and can be felt all around. Visiting New York City during the fall is equal parts charming as it is exciting!

Best Things to Do New York City Autumn (Post Summary)

In sum, these are the best things to do in the fall in New York City.

  1. Stroll (or bike) through Central Park
  2. Enjoy fresh apple cider & apple cider donuts
  3. Snap a picture at the pumpkin arch on Pier 17
  4. Celebrate Oktoberfest with friends
  5. Try to find New York City’s best hot chocolate
  6. Bundle up at a rooftop bar
  7. Find the best Halloween decorations
  8. Get your fill of pumpkin beer
  9. Dine under the fall decorations at Serra By Birria
  10. Check out the Macy’s Day Parade
  11. Go ice skating surrounded by fall foliage in Central Park
  12. Stroll through Chelsea Market’s fall decorations
  13. Experience the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center
  14. Warm up with a whiskey
  15. Pick a pumpkin from Queens County Farm
  16. Grab a burger at Oscar Wilde
  17. Bryant Park Winter Village & Ice Skating
  18. Check out Tompkins Square Halloween dog parade
  19. Take an after-hours tour of Green-Wood Cemetery
  20. Take in the fall foliage from a cruise
  21. Check out Boo at the Zoo
  22. Cheer on the local football teams
  23. Visit Fall-o-Ween at the New York Botanical Garden
  24. Participate in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade
  25. Explore the fall colors in the West Village

Frequently Asked Questions: Fall in New York City
Is October a good month to go to New York City?

Yes, visiting NYC in October is absolutely worth it! The mild temperatures are ideal for exploring and the city is gearing up for epic fall colors. It’s truly a treat to visit New York City in October.

What month are fall colors in New York City?

For peak fall color in New York City, try visiting at the end of October or beginning of November. Central Park is an absolute must when searching for fall colors in NYC, between October and November you’re guaranteed to see peak color.

How do people dress in New York City in October?

New York City in October is still comfortable in terms of weather. People are typically wearing sweaters and boots at this point, but it’s not cold enough for the heavy jackets just yet. October in NYC is the ideal temperature to wear those outfits you’ve been dying to.

What is New York like in the fall?

New York City in the fall is as magical as you’d imagine it to be. The city is gearing up for the holidays and the trees are making their auburn appearances. Visiting NYC in the fall should be a bucket list item for everyone.

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Map of Best Fall Activities New York City

I hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I enjoyed creating it! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions – happy to help! Hopefully this guide makes visiting New York City in the fall a breeze (pun-intended).



Monday 12th of September 2022

There are a lot of great events listed here but watching the New York Marathon along with thousands and thousands of others including endless street musicians has always been a favorite of mine. For visitors, they can come for the Halloween Parade and the Marathon because they are usually only a couple days apart.