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Question from a reader: How do I prep for the winter weather in NYC?

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Hi there! There’s a lot of new faces on here (welcome!) so please allow me to (re)introduce myself.

I’m Antonina, one of the folks behind New York Simply, a website that seeks to demystify the Big Apple through helpful guides.

We share our favorite spots with locals + visitors alike in the hopes of giving everyone something to love about NYC.

Our Monday newsletter tends to be a quick recap of weekend adventures, new-to-us local gems and a place where we answer reader’s questions.

This Monday, we’re falling into the “answer reader’s questions category.” (If interested, last Monday we talked about Greenpoint).

Question from a reader: I’m Visiting This Winter & Need Advice on What to Wear

Q: I’m (finally!) visiting NYC for the holidays this year with my in-laws (yay & nay). We live in a mild climate and I’m nervous about the winter weather because we’ll be spending a lot of time outside (window shopping, holiday markets, Christmas trees, etc.). I’m curious, does the perfect winter coat exist? Please say yes.

A: First things first, are you the type of person that packs a sweater for Hawaii and casual throws it on en route to the beach? If so, you’re speaking my language.

Winter is a hard season for me because I’m a total wimp when the temperatures dip. As such, my ideal winter jacket is nothing short of a down blanket with a belt strapped around the middle.

But alas, there are some unwritten rules in life, and one of those rules (surely) must be: don’t wear a blanket outside.

So, I’ve resorted to conforming, and after a few years of trial and error, I finally landed on this dreamy down park, which I can gladly recommend (pictured below).

But, if that specific coat doesn’t fit the bill, you may want to check out my personal guide on What to Pack for Winter in NYC, (there’s a few different options sprinkled about).

My biggest advice is to get a coat that covers your bum, to prevent the cold wind from blowing on your back. No need to purchase something new if you already have a coat you love!

Even on warm fall days, I can’t leave the house without this security blanket of a jacket, it’s been great so far!

Wrapping up

Hope you all have some lovely plans for the holidays! We’re heading to Portland, Oregon to celebrate with my side of the family (fingers crossed my hanger doesn’t start any fights this year).

It’ll be a short trip and upon our return we’ll start decorating the apartment for Christmas (can’t wait!). The hardest part about living in a 400 square foot apartment is figuring out where the Christmas Tree should go, any clever ideas out there?

Also, what’s the oddest thing you’ve had to store in an unconventional place while living in NYC? I’m notorious for keeping guest’s luggage in the bathtub.

Chat with you next Monday, cheers!