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The Magic of Fall in New York City

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Fall is in full swing around here and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. There have been so many “pinch me” moment over the past week because of the stunning colors adorning the trees!

In an effort to soak in the season, we spent all weekend outdoors. Saturday found us in the northern reaches of the city (exploring the MET Cloisters!) while Sunday took a calmer tone with easy-going strolls through the meandering streets of the West Village.

Like most folks, I consider the change of season official when the temperatures shift.

Well, last week, the temperatures dipped to uncomfortable lows (for yours truly) so my first order of business was popping in for my tried-and-true winter staples (I got two of these shirts for the season, my secret weapon for surviving NYC in winter!).

I wanted to share some photos from this pretty season in the hopes of inspiring you to get outside too! The sunshine has been glorious the past few days!

Without further ado, enjoy!

Saturday report:

We hopped on the subway to the Met Cloisters (45 minutes from our apartment). We got off one stop early to admire the fall color at Fort Tryon Park (stunning, by the way) and watched a hawk hunt rats in broad daylight (as one does in NYC).

The Cloisters were cool, but we’re not into Medieval art, so we breezed through at a pace that felt right for a Saturday morning.

After the musuem we realized that we were a mere 25 minute subway ride from the Hamilton Grange (any Hamilton fans out there?). So we made that the next stop.

The Hamilton Grange — I’m sad to report — left much to be desired. I’ve been meaning to see it for a few months so perhaps my expectations were too high. But, to me at least, if felt like an opportunity missed.

The house isn’t in great condition and the tour itself felt nothing short of flimsy (the guide was great though).

Anyways, we were happy to get going after the tour and met up with some friends for drinks at Buvette & Emmette’s in the West Village. It was great fun!

Sunday report:

The day starts with a quick espresso break at Bar Pisellino (a futile attempt to scratch the itch that only Italy can satisfy, but alas).

The espressos, I’ll have you know, clocked in at $4 each! (I have so many thoughts about this!!), which is a stark contrast to the 80¢ we were paying in Rome.

Is it just me or are NYC prices off the charts lately? I’m looking for ways to enjoy New York without succumbing to mind-numbing prices every time I leave the apartment, open to advice/tips!

After our delicious (albeit overpriced) espressos, we set out to explore the West Village without aim or agenda. The temperatures were warm enough for folks to be sitting outside of restaurants, which gave the neighborhood a romantic energetic vibe.

After a few hours walking the area, we decided to pop back home for some lunch before making our way over to Brooklyn Heights.

Ugh, if I could live anywhere in NYC, I think it’d be Brooklyn Heights. The charm of that neighborhood is off the charts!

We ended the day at a lackluster restaurant we wished we would have skipped and then made it home in time for a cozy movie night in.

I’m reminded every day that the biggest perk of living in New York City is the great opportunity to access everything the city has to offer.

When it comes to renting in NYC, it’s true what they say, “you don’t pay for space, you pay for access.”

To that end, I’m trying my best to spend all weekends outside and so far it’s been an absolute blast. Sometimes it feels like I love, love, love this city far too much.

Hope your week is off to a hot start, cheers!