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10 Spots to Grab The Best Pizza Williamsburg Has to Offer

As a local who’s spent plenty of time exploring the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg I’ll be the first to say there’s no shortage of phenomenal pizza in the neighborhood. In this post I’ll talk about where to find the best pizza Williamsburg has to offer, so without further ado — let’s get to it.

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Best Pizza Williamsburg

Table of Contents: Top Williamsburg Pizza Spots

street view of Joe's Pizza in Williamsburg

Joe’s Pizza

Website: Joe’s Pizza
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 216 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Good to Know: Multiple locations, traditional New York slice-style pizza, full pies and slices available

Joe’s Pizza is simple but consistently serves fresh, hot, and delicious slices. With a perfectly charred crust and an ideal sauce-to-toppings ratio, it’s an iconic pizza spot in Williamsburg. The cheese is always just right, and the popularity is evident from the constant lines. Open until 3am, it’s a go-to for late-night meals after shows or events.

Tip: If you’re trying to enjoy some of the best pizza in Williamsburg, come prepared. Joe’s is CASH-ONLY.

Rosa’s Pizza

Website: Rosa’s Pizza
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 374 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Good to Know: Multiple slice-style options, full pies and slices available

Since its grand opening in 1975, Rosa’s Pizza, a cherished establishment in Williamsburg, offers a varied menu to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re hankering for a classic round pie or a square one, Rosa’s has you covered. Those with dietary restrictions are not overlooked either – Rosa’s offers not one but two gluten-free options for you to choose from.

And before you write this place off for juggling too many pies, do yourself a favor and try it first. I’d argue Rosa’s serves the best Sicilian-style slice in all of Brooklyn. Adding to its uniqueness, Rosa’s is one of the select pizza spots in Williamsburg offering pasta pizza.

The joint is super popular for the rigatoni vodka slice and the ravioli slice. Both of which are made with real pasta topped on a delicious blanket of cheese, dough and baked to perfection.

Williamsburg Best pizza UES
Image Courtesy Postmates

Williamsburg Pizza

Website: Williamsburg Pizza
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 265 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Good to Know: Not sold by the slice, thicker crust pizza, customizable options

With friendly staff and a welcoming vibe, Williamsburg Pizza is a go-to for classic NYC slices in Brooklyn. Craving a crispy crust? This is your spot. The greasy goodness melts in your mouth, and the crust adds a delightful texture. If you prefer a thicker crust, order the grandma square-style pizza. And don’t forget the garlic knots – they may look like cinnamon buns but deliver a flavorful punch of garlic that deserves some love.


Website: Leo
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 123 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Good to Know: Not sold by the slice, great cocktails, accepts reservations

Leo’s has made our list of best pizza in Williamsburg for many reasons, the most important being that the pizzas are made with sourdough.

The Williamsburg Pizza joint has a menu full of pastas, pies and even steak frites — all of which have been perfected. Leo’s is also one of the few pizza spots in the neighborhood that takes reservations, so make sure to plan ahead and snag a table.

Of all the pies offered at Leo’s I find myself coming back to the classic NY Slice Pie over and over again. Call it comfort or familiarity, I call it downright delicious! Made with Mozzarella, Provolone, Garlic, Oregano, Chili and Pecorino, you’ll be sad you didn’t order two.

Aces Pizza in Williamsburg

Ace’s Pizza

Website: Ace’s Pizza
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 637 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Good to Know: Detroit-style pizza, not sold by the slice

Among NYC’s Detroit-style pizza joints, Ace’s is a notable one. The expertly prepared dough offers a perfect mix of crispiness and chewiness, generously loaded with toppings for a flavor-packed bite. The shop’s retro decor gives off a ’90s high school hangout vibe, complete with arcade games to enjoy while waiting for your Williamsburg pizza masterpiece.

For a memorable experience, go for the meaty options, especially the classic pepperoni with its perfectly broiled cups. The crust’s crunch is unforgettable. Even if you’re not a thick-crust fan, Ace’s Pizza is a must-try in Williamsburg – it’s some of the best, and it might just change your mind!

Did you know? The New York Simply team has written a self-guided food tour of Williamsburg! The guide will take you to 10 unique restaurants that make the neighborhood a pillar of Brooklyn’s food scene, explaining what to order at each and what makes them so special.

Full pepperoni squared pie from Emmy Squared Pizza in Williamsburg
Image Courtesy Emmy Squared

Emmy Squared 

Website: Emmy Squared Pizza
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 364 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Good to Know: Accepts reservations, sit-down dining available, not sold by the slice

Ah, Emmy Squared, what a special place you hold in my heart — it was truly love at first sight bite. This Williamsburg pizza joint specializes in a hybrid of grandma-style and Detroit-style pizza. Which, if I do say so myself, is the ideal square slice with a thick crust that is just so satisfying.

The vodka sauce pizza is delicious (and will put your napkin to good use!) but no matter which pie you choose you’ll be in good hands. And while this article is about the best pizza Williamsburg has to offer, I’d be remiss not mentioning the burger. Emmy’s Le Big Matt Burger has been recognized by more than one publication as one of the best in NYC.

Beesting pizza from Robertas, Best pizza in Williamsburg


Website: Roberta’s Pizza
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 6 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Good to Know: Not sold by the slice, sit-down dining available, wood-fired pizza

The wood fired pizza at Roberta’s is made in an oven that churns out thousands of pies a week. The pizza crust is expertly charred and the Bee Sting pie is the perfect union of flavors (tomato, mozzarella, sopressata, chili, basil, honey). The Little Stinker hit the spot too.

With its new location in Domino Park, grabbing a pie from one of the greatest pizza spots in Williamsburg just became a lot easier. Honestly, if this blog exists for the sole purpose of telling you (dear reader) about Roberta’s Pizza then it’s completely worth the effort.

Best Pizza

Website: Best Pizza
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 33 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Good to Know: Full pies and slices available, small menu

Frank Pinello is a prominent figure in the New York City pizza scene and the owner of Best Pizza. Best Pizza, true to its name, is celebrated for its commitment to traditional, high-quality New York-style pies. The Williamsburg pizzeria is known for its simplicity, quality ingredients, and a dedication to the authentic pizza-making process.

Pinello’s involvement in “The Pizza Show,” (a popular Youtube series) where he explores various pizza styles and traditions, further adds to his expertise in the pizza world.

Fini Pizza in Williamsburg


Website: Fini Pizza
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 305 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Good to Know: Full pies and slices available, small menu

Fini, the Williamsburg pizzeria connected to the owners of Lilia and Misi, generated significant anticipation upon its summer 2022 opening. Despite the initial challenge of long lines due to its small location, Fini not only survived but thrived. Offering a concise menu of around six slices, Fini is celebrated for serving some of the best pizza in Williamsburg. Notable slices include the Long Pepper Shallot for spice lovers and the white slice, featuring a delightful blend of fontina, parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses.

Burrata slice, classic pepperoni slice from L'Industrie Pizza New York City

L’industrie Pizzeria

Website: L’industrie Pizzeria
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Location: 254 S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Good to Know: 1+ hour wait, full pies and slices available

Relatively young, having debuted in 2017, L’Industrie rose to fame very quickly with some of the best pizza in Williamsburg. The pizza shop had to relocate due to their increasing popularity, which was evidence of their own success.

Notable endorsements from NYC figures like Lil Mo Mozzarella and Action Bronson, who claim it to be the best pizza in the city, contributed to their cult following. But even though celebrities bring people in, the pizza is what keeps folks coming back. As far as the pies are concerned, ordering the burrata slice is a non-negotiable.

Quick recap of Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  1. L’industrie Pizzeria
  2. Fini Pizza
  3. Best Pizza
  4. Roberta’s
  5. Emmy Squared
  6. Ace’s Pizza
  7. Leo
  8. Williamsburg Pizza
  9. Rosa’s Pizza
  10. Joes Pizza

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Best Williamsburg Pizza Spots (Helpful Map)

And there you have it friends, the best pizza Williamsburg has to offer. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if we missed anything.