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15 Wonderful Williamsburg Coffee Shops (Worth Seeking Out)

Best coffee New York City

If you’re into great coffee, Williamsburg in Brooklyn has some of the best cafes. With their charming atmosphere and tasty brews, it’s hard to beat. As a fellow coffee lover, this post will get you right into the caffeinated action. I’ll keep it short and sweet – because, let’s face it, this is New York, and we’re all on the go! So without further ado, let’s cover the best coffee shops in Williamsburg.

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Williamsburg Coffee Shops

Table of Contents: Best Coffee Shops in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Best coffee New York City


Website: Devoción
Address: 69 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Devoción, named after the Spanish word for devotion, lives up to its name by being dedicated to serving the finest coffee in Williamsburg. They meticulously select coffee plantations in Colombia, mill the coffee in Bogotá, and use overnight shipping to roast it in-house in Brooklyn within approximately 10 days.

With several NYC locations, the coffee shop in Williamsburg stands out as a top choice, offering a cozy ambiance with exposed brick and warm lighting. Note that seating can be challenging due to its popularity, but the nearby Domino Park provides a convenient option to enjoy your coffee with East River views.


Address: 150 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

One of Williamsburg’s top coffee shops, BUDDIES, was founded by married couple Rachel and Taylor Nawrocki during the pandemic with the simple goal of providing a place where people could slow down and enjoy their coffee.

The menu is short, sweet and to the point (and it’s not by accident). The whole idea behind BUDDIES was to create a space that encouraged conversations and engagement. By offering a simple menu folks are more likely to ask for recommendations and alternatives and spark a chat.

Expect laid back vibes, satisfying cups of coffee and a friendly conversation. What’s more, this trendy Williambsurg coffee shop sources and roasts their own beans. The cold brew is some of the best in Brooklyn, not too acidic but still strong.

Land to Sea

Website: Land to Sea
Address: 402 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Land to Sea was founded by two passionate women driven by their desire to create a welcoming community space. Inspired by their immigrant parents, college friends Emily and Eva fostered an environment that continues telling the stories of those who are brave enough to put their dreams in motion. Needless to say they created one of the best coffee shops in Williamsburg.

Land to Sea opens their doors to artists, bakers, filmmakers and musicians to promote talented locals in the community (upcoming schedule here). Serving delicious and innovative Sey Coffee, the time spent at Land to Sea never fails to inspire. If you’re looking for something unique, I can’t recommend their turmeric latte enough at this beloved Williamsburg coffee shop!


Coffee Shop Williamsburg

Website: Shop
Address: 232 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Formerly known as Sweatshop, Shop is an Australian hipster cafe located in the heart of the neighborhood. The trendy Williamsburg coffee shop is small in size, however do not assume for a second that the modest size indicates a lack of quality.

Quality is paramount here, evident in their excellent coffee. The friendly baristas ensure a great start to your day, crafting perfect drinks with the smoothest espresso. I highly suggest ordering a flat white, it’s smooth, strong and always hits the spot. This Williamsburg cafe excels not only in coffee but also in mastering dishes like avocado toast with a menu full of top-notch bites using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Local’s Tip: Shop is located right around the corner from Martha’s Country Bakery. Swing by and treat yourself to one of the best bakeries in Brooklyn.

Social House 
Williamsburg coffee shops
Image Courtesy Social House

Social House Cafe

Website: Social House Cafe
Address: 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Social House stands out as one of Williamsburg’s top coffee shops, using Italian coffee beans and serving up fresh, vibrant brunches. With its inviting atmosphere and friendly staff, this Williamsburg cafe lives up to its name, attracting a crowd of cheerful locals. Unlike other cafes, Social House encourages lingering, and with a bar on-site, you can stay until closing time. From unique drinks to the beloved cinnamon crunch latte, Social House offers a delightful blend of adulthood and childhood nostalgia.

Hungry Ghost

Website: Hungry Ghost
Address: 231 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 & 721 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hungry Ghost serves exceptional Stumptown coffee, ensuring a diverse and rich flavor in every cup. The skilled baristas at the cafe are known for their brewing expertise, consistently making perfectly balanced and expertly crafted drinks.

In terms of cozy Williamsburg coffee shops it doesn’t get more charming than the Hungry Ghost. Both their cafés are sun drenched and exude an airy feel, but I’m partial to the East Williamsburg cafe because it has more seating.

“I saw the game changing, coffee started being treated like wine; it’s special. It’s important where you get it, how you roast it, how you brew it.”


Oslo Coffee Shop in Williamsburg


Website: Oslo
Address: 133 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 & 328 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Oslo Coffee Roasters has been serving some of the best coffee in the Williamsburg since their first cafe opened in Williamsburg in 2003. They’ve amassed an enthusiastic following thanks to their premium beans and velvety smooth roasts. 

They boast two coffee shops in Williamsburg (and a third in the Upper East Side) that are rarely empty. Their location on Roebling has more seating than the one on Bedford Ave. but they’re less than a 10 minute walk from each other so worst case you can just migrate between the two.

And their welcoming Williamsburg coffee shops aren’t even the best part. It’s the cafe’s commitment to doing good for the community that makes it so beloved. They only source ingredients from local vendors and strive to minimize their impact on the environment. Everything can be traced back to a local business and it’s hard not to love that. 


Website: PPL
Address: 189 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

PPL is a top coffee spot in Williamsburg, loved by both coffee and plant enthusiasts for its cozy decor. While seating is limited, grab your drink to-go and enjoy it at nearby Domino Park overlooking the East River. Their menu is simple, with standout options like matcha lattes and Japanese teas known for their smoothness. Can’t decide? Just ask the helpful staff. PPL is a go-to coffee shop in Williamsburg that you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

Sey Coffee Best Brookly Coffee Shop
image courtesy Sey Coffee

Sey Coffee

Website: Sey Coffee
Address: 18 Grattan St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Airy and bright with an abundance of greenery – this Williamsburg cafe is a true breath of fresh air. The captivating presentation doesn’t just apply to their physical shop, Sey Coffee (by their own admission) strives to produce beautiful coffee.

The cafe was recently listed as Food & Wines best coffee shop in New York state, so it’s safe to say, Sey Coffee’s popularity is growing far and wide. The Williamsburg coffee shop offers a subscription program (that’s well worth taking advantage of!). It allows you try new coffee from one of Williamsburg’s best coffee shops, all from the comfort of your own apartment. 

Qahwah House

Qahwah House

Website: Qahwah House
Address: 162 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Serving authentic and organically sourced coffee directly from Yemen, this Williamsburg coffee shop provides a change of pace to the usual big-box coffee shops. The moment you step in, the delightful aroma of freshly roasted coffee surrounds you.

Qahwah House offers a blend of familiar coffee shop staples and authentic Yemeni treats. Ordering the Khaliat Alnahl, (a cheese filled buttery roll with honey) is non-negotiable. I couldn’t tell you how I lived life this long without it. 

Something to know: Qahwah is the Arabic word for coffee.

Think Coffee
Williamsburg coffee shops
Image Courtesy Think Coffee

Think Coffee

Website: Think Coffee
Address: 10 Devoe St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Think Coffee is the happy medium between a chain coffee shop and a local hot-spot. It’s readily accessible all across NYC but their cafes boast a niche, neighborhood vibe. In their arsenal is one of the best coffee shops in Williamsburg. They have an outpost on Devoe Street, a stone’s throw away from the Metropolitan Avenue subway station.

The Williamsburg cafe is bright and inviting, with a long, leather booth along its bricked lined wall and tables on the opposite end. Finding a place to sit down shouldn’t prove difficult, just find a spot between some worker-bees or gossiping friends.

But the vibe isn’t the only thing going Think Coffee’s way. They roast their own coffee beans and make a smooth, delicious cup of joe. Think Coffee even offers a subscription service that will deliver their coffee beans straight to your door.

Lion’s Milk

Website: Lion’s Milk
Address: 104 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Lion’s Milk is not just one of Williamsburg’s top coffee shops but also a mini art gallery showcasing local artists. Most artworks are available for purchase, supporting two small businesses in a single visit. Alongside its cozy atmosphere, Lion’s Milk offers unique Turkish delights like Salep, a sweet and spiced drink made from orchids, along with traditional treats like simit, borek, and baklava. Whether you’re exploring art or Turkish cuisine, Lion’s Milk stands out as a must-visit coffee shop in Williamsburg.

Copper Mug Coffee shop in Williamsburg, Taro Matcha Latte

Copper Mug Coffee

Website: Copper Mug Coffee
Address: 131 N 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Enjoy the urban backyard experience at Copper Mug, one of Williamsburg’s top coffee spots. The bright, clean space with plenty of tables and trees creates a welcoming atmosphere. With WiFi extending to the outdoor seating, it’s an ideal spot for remote work.

The artisanal coffee and diverse menu, featuring organic and health-forward options, make Copper Mug a standout. Even when the weather isn’t ideal, the charming interior and a hot cup of coffee keep you comfortable. A home away from home, just be early to secure your spot!

Black Brick Coffee

Website: Black Brick Coffee
Address: 300 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Not all coffee shops in Williamsburg are chic, bright and modern. Sometimes you want rustic and cozy (the industrial coffee shop never fails!), which is where Black Brick Coffee comes in. Full of vintage decor and a huge backyard, Black Brick Coffee feels like a grandma’s house full of antiques.

Even the backyard has rusty, metal chairs but they’re “cute” rusty, not “going to give you a disease” rusty. And since the Williamsburg coffee shop uses Stumptown coffee beans a great taste is all but assured. There’s also an array of matcha drinks available that are just as good as the coffee.

Best coffee New York City

Partners Coffee

Website: Partners Coffee
Address: 125 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

It didn’t take long for Partners Coffee to become a NYC staple. In 10 years the brand has gone from a single coffee shop in Williamsburg to five across the Big Apple. The success is due to them serving the best coffee in New York City.

By roasting their beans in Williamsburg, locals are guaranteed a fresh cup of Joe, regardless if they order it from one of their Williamsburg coffee shop or order coffee to be brewed at home.

Plus they source their beans sustainably through long term partnerships, so the quality is among the best you’ll find. It’s top quality and after one sip it’s easy to taste why it they’re one of the best coffee shops in Williamsburg.

Quick Recap of the Best Williamsburg Cafes

  1. Devoción
  2. Partners Coffee
  3. Black Brick Coffee
  4. Copper Mug Coffee
  5. Buddies Coffee
  6. Lion’s Milk
  7. Land to Sea
  8. Think Coffee
  9. Qahwah House
  10. Sey
  11. PPL
  12. Oslo
  13. Hungry Ghost
  14. Social House
  15. Shop

Best Coffee Shops in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Helpful Map)


And there you have it, our list of great coffee shops in Williamsburg. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if we missed anything. Cheers!