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10 Spots For The Best Pumpkin Pie in New York City (Guaranteed to Impress)

Best Desserts New York City

In a city like New York, where culinary expertise plays second fiddle to absolutely no one, finding the best pumpkin pies in NYC should be no problem. This guide was created for people with self-control who can limit themselves to just one slice and those who go blind at the sight of the orange-y sweetness who consider an entire pie a single portion (guilty!).

We cover pie shops and bakeries that offer slices and whole pies that can be ordered in advance for any fall celebration you may need. But enough talking, I know why you’re here. Let’s dive right into the best pumpkin pies in New York City!

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.

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Best Pumpkin Pie NYC

Table of Contents: New York City Pumpkin Pies

The Flagship Store is located in the West Village. Grab one of the best pumpkin pies in New York City here.

Magnolia Bakery

Website: Magnolia Bakery
Address: Multiple Locations in New York City

Good luck finding a list of bakeries serving the best pumpkin pie in NYC that doesn’t include the iconic Magnolia Bakery.

The bakery is known for making decadent cakes and delicious cupcakes. But the world-famous banana pudding is what put them on the map. During the holiday, Magnolia Bakery churns out a stunning pumpkin pie that satisfies any sweet tooth.

But the pumpkin pie is not where it ends. At Magnolia’s, you can get an array of pumpkin-spiced treats. There are options like the seasonal banana pudding, pumpkin spice cupcakes, and my personal favorite pumpkin cheesecake!

Regardless of what you choose to order, swinging by and ordering one of the best pumpkin pies in NYC should be high on everyone’s fall itinerary.

Milk Bar

Website: Milk Bar
Address: Multiple Locations in New York City

It’s nearly impossible to name a more popular place to get ice cream in New York City than Milk Bar. The place became a viral sensation — largely thanks to the cereal-milk soft serve and the Milk Bar Pie, better known as “crack cake.” 

But every November, New Yorkers shift their focus from ice cream to pie just to get their grubby little hands on one of the most delicious pumpkin pies in NYC. Although on the thinner side, the dense pumpkin pie packs a flavorful punch. The crust is buttery while the filling is dense, and the pie is dusted with powdered sugar, giving it an extra hint of sweetness.

Also worth noting is that Milk Bar goes viral yearly for their famous Hilly’s Pumpkin Caramel Pie recipe. Folks are encouraged to bake it for Thanksgiving. Let’s just say if you choose to bake this masterpiece at home, have your dentist on speed dial.

Lady M Fall treats NYC
Image Courtesy Lady M | One of the best pumpkin pies in NYC

Lady M

Website: Lady M
Address: 41 E 78th St, New York, NY 10075

I might get some flack for adding a cheesecake to our list of best pumpkin pie in NYC but until you’ve tried Lady M — I don’t want to hear it.

Every October 1st, there’s a line out the door at Lady M as folks eagerly await the release of their pumpkin nuage. The best way to describe this treat is if pumpkin pie and cheesecake were to have a baby, this would be the result.

The creamy flavor of pumpkin and fall spices work in unison with the soft graham cracker crust creating one of the best pumpkin pies New York City has ever seen tasted. Nuage is the French word for cloud, and it’s a fitting name. While most cheesecakes are dense and heavy, the pumpkin nuage is light and airy. 

Pumpkin pie from Martha's Country Bakery

Marthas Country Baking

Website: Marthas Country Baking
Address: Multiple Locations in New York City

Martha’s Country Bakery has become one of best bakeries in Brooklyn thanks to good old-fashioned hard work. In a world where everyone is trying to create the next best thing, Marthas is staying true to the classics. And they’re executing them extremely well. This includes some of the best pumpkin pie in NYC.

Made fresh and on-site using quality ingredients, the fall treat is consistently a home run. Part of being the best in reliability, Martha’s Country Bakery is old faithful in the world of sweets. This year they’re celebrating their 50th anniversary in business. It’s safe to say Martha’s Country Bakery has a bit of experience making tasty treats.

As far as the pumpkin pie goes, Marthas is as classic as it gets. Expect to find thick, creamy pumpkin goodness baked into a golden-brown crust that’s just as thick as the pie. Pair that with whipped cream and it’ll be all the talk during Thanksgiving.


Website: Bubby’s
Address: 120 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013

Technically speaking, Bubby’s is a restaurant and not a bakery, however, the treats here are too good not to mention! Owner Ron Silver describes eating here as the “day after Christmas” and it’s a fitting description. The popular Tribeca brunch spot offers delicious home-style cooking in the city.

But the real reason Bubby’s made our list of the best pumpkin pies in NYC is largely thanks to their origin story. Back in 1990, Ron Silver started Bubby’s by baking pies and selling them to neighboring restaurants! Ordering a pie is simple and done online, but it’s important to note you must order them in advance.

Pie Corps

Website: Pie Corps
Address: 77 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Pie Corps has made our list of best pumpkin pies in New York City for two of their wonderful fall creations. The first is their best-selling Brown Butter Pumpkin Pie. It’s made with a delectable spice blend simmered down with fresh pumpkins, and a distinctive brown butter crumb topping that is sprinkled on top.

And the second treat is the Vegan Brown Sugar Pumpkin Pie. Yep! That’s right, friends with dietary restrictions have not been forgotten this fall season at Pie Corps. The vegan pie is smooth, and creamy and the addition of brown sugar is just the cherry on top. The crust is not as flaky as you might be used to but it’s still downright delicious.

Bringing one of the best pumpkin pies in NYC to your next Thanksgiving function is a surefire way to get an invite the following year! 😉

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Website: Four and Twenty Blackbirds
Address: 439 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

One of the most memorable pumpkin pies in NYC comes from Four and Twenty Blackbirds located in Brooklyn. What makes this slice of pie stand out is that the filling is made with a blend of pumpkin, brown butter, spices, and a small addition of lemon juice.

The crust is flakey yet sturdy, working in unison with the delicious pumpkin filling guaranteeing each bite to be magical. The end product is a rich, creamy, gem of a pumpkin pie that nearly tastes like cheesecake but is more subdued, with a hint of tanginess.

Something to note: If you’re trying to purchase a pie for Thanksgiving make sure to set an alarm. Pies sell out quickly and the pre-order form fills fast. Check their Instagram often for updates in order to get your hands on one of the best pumpkin pies in New York City!

Balthazar Bakery

Website: Balthazar Bakery
Address: 80 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

If you’re in charge of the Thanksgiving pie this year and you’re looking to wow your guests, head straight to Balthazar Bakery for one of the best pumpkin pies in NYC.

Balthazar’s is an iconic New York City restaurant created by Keith McNally. And getting reservations at this French eatery feels near impossible. Unbeknownst to visitors, right next door is their tantalizing bakery that offers baked goods and fresh bread.

During the holiday season, New Yorkers wipe the shelves clean of all the goods. And getting on the pre-order list for pumpkin pies feels like the Hunger Games. But after trying the pie yourself, you’ll soon realize why it’s considered one of the best pumpkin pies in all of New York City.

Little Pie Company

Website: Little Pie Company
Address: 424 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

Offering a handful of large pies, mini pies, and slices — Little Pie Company takes great care of its customers and guarantees quality with every bite. All pies are made from scratch, in-house with the same care and attention to detail as you’d get at your grandmother’s house.

During the fall months, Little Pie Company rolls out their classic pumpkin pie and we can’t get enough. The texture is smooth and spiced to perfection while the crust is buttery, flakey, and melts in your mouth. Ordering the mini pumpkin pie is always my preference because no one can force me to share!

For over 30 years the beloved pie shop has been creating loyal customers out of both locals and visitors alike. They show no plans of slowing down anytime soon. So if you’re searching for the best pumpkin pies in NYC, set your sights on Little Pie Company and don’t ever look back.

Best Desserts New York City
One of the best pumpkin pies in NYC can be had at Petee’s Pie Company

Petee’s Pie Company

Website: Petee’s Pie Company
Address: 61 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002

Let me tell you something a lot of other locals would agree with me on, Petee’s makes the best pumpkin pie in New York City, period. The family-owned business has a quaint and cozy vibe with a hearty home-style taste.

Founder & baker Petra “Petee” Paredez was born to bake. Her parents own a successful pie company in Virginia so it is no surprise she’s able to hold her own amongst the best bakeries in the city. 

Stopping by for a slice (or whole pie, no judgment here) has become one of my family’s NYC Thanksgiving traditions over the years. And it seems many other families make sure to do the same, I mean just look at the line out the door!

Quality doesn’t waver either, you can taste the fresh and real ingredients with every bite. In fact, the crust is made with organic flour and grass-fed butter. You won’t make it down the block without wanting to come back for more.

Quick recap of the Best Pumpkin Pie in New York City

  1. Petee’s Pie Company
  2. Little Pie Company
  3. Balthazar Bakery
  4. Four and Twenty Blackbirds
  5. Pie Corps
  6. Bubby’s
  7. Marthas Country Baking
  8. Lady M
  9. Milk Bar
  10. Magnolia Bakery

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New York City Pumpkin Pie Spots (Helpful Map)

And there you have it, the best pumpkin pie NYC has to offer. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if we missed anything.